April 25, 2012


Today is one such day that I would cherish.  Veronica of TheSticks.com, sent me another picture which I would like to link to my post RAIN RAIN RAIN.

Soon the rain would be coming, as the season is a little awry these days.   It is summer and yet it rains in the early mornings or at night.

I love the rain, not only because of my pleasant memories during my tender age, as the one I told in the post above, but because it is more welcome than the heat we experience during our summers.  It used not to be when I was younger.  We had to walk to school and back to our homes, but I did not remember intense heat like we have now.

I heard in the news that up north, pets are getting sick and some are dying because of the dry and humid temperature.  We are warned not to expose ourselves outside at midday until 3:00 P. M.  We might suffer from heat stroke or skin cancer.  It's advisable to carry drinking water all the time.

We are praying for our land.  Farmers need water for the crops.  Farm animals are in need of the blessing God has in store up where He has gathered them.  God, please open up the floodgates, but just enough to revive the land.  I do believe and hang on to your oath which you wrote with a band of lively colors across the sky when drizzles are reflected by sunlight.  You are reminded that never gain shall You flood the earth with water, like in Noah's time.

For the picture:  My heartfelt gratitude to Veronica.  She just institutionalized my Mom with the Big Red Umbrella.  The post has touched her profoundly and I owe it to God, for the voice He gave me, to tell the story.

The picture portrays the story of how I run to my mom, that stormy afternoon, when she fetched me from school with her big umbrella.

My mom is now Mother Shticks and I, Lolita Sticks.  That's two generation of Shticks.

My Father in heaven, blessings are overflowing, even right here in blogospace.  Thank you and may you continue to bless the circle, with more members, wisdom, humor and friendship.  All glory and honor belongs to You alone.

Note:  Following is Veronica's comment on the post RAIN RAIN RAIN,
March 15, 201.

Veronica Shticks said...
Lolita, I was very touched by the part where your mother comes and picks you up with her bigger umbrella. I want to be like your Mom and have my little girls remember all the times I was there for them. this is a very sweet post with cozy imagery--at least for me who also associate rain with wonderful happy things. The pictures are beautiful and the storytelling is heartwarming! 
- - - - - -

Veronica, you just don't know how blessed I am to read of your reply about my mom and how you want to give your two daughters a lot of moments to remember that they would keep in their hearts.  I pray that God will give that to you for that is a very pleasing desire.

Thank you too that it has touched your life and that you are constantly reminded about how to nurture your own daughters.  My mother is highly honored.