March 09, 2008


In this photo are some of the family members of the Desuyo Family and the sponsors of Jessa Desuyo Pucot, Jeff & Gail Evans who visited their sponsored child on Dec. 6, 2007. This was taken during their shopping trip at SM CITY MALL, in Cebu City, Philippines. They had a very wonderful time and bonding moments together as they visited the family's home in the squatters area. The sponsors came to the student center to see where the kids gather during center days to learn, have fun with other sponsored kids and to know Christ in the process. They were welcomed by our Staff who showed them around and answered questions. They were pleased with the projects' operation and documentations of child cases and development.

Jessa Desuyo Pucot is in yellow shorts and pink tops shown in the photo with her arms around Mrs. Gail Evans. The older man to her right is the girl's grandfather who is the child's guardian. The other girl in red is Jessa's older sister Edna. The other young girl is Jessa's aunt. The two girls are living with their grandparents because their parents have separated and both are having second families of their own. The grandfather supports the family by loading/gathering gravels for constructions.

I would like to share with you the written "Sponsor Visit Comments" which is personally signed by Jeff and Gail Evans. (read as written by Mrs. Evans):

"We are very much enjoyed our visit & meeting with sponsored child & family. Staff at the student center, Winnie, Belen, Maricel & Melanie were quite helpful in showing us the student center, informing, answering questions and translating, etc. They all were very helpful in getting us around in the city and out to see our sponsored child's home & community. We're very pleased that we were allowed to spend most of the day with the family between the visit to the center, eating, shopping and the home visit. We are happy that the Lord has provided ways to bless the work of this project, the workers, the children and their families." Signed, Jeff & Gail Evans

Sponsor visits provide the workers insights to the sponsor's life and feelings. It is both a learning and bonding experience for the staff, the child & family and the sponsors. We praise God for privileges like these in our midst. You could just actually see the delight of the child and sponsors upon meeting personally. The regular correspondence between the child and the sponsor provides a personal connection between them. This is emphasized more when sponsors could come for a visit. They are able to experience the child's environment and situations.