May 10, 2012


For a few days now, I have been transported from one gem of a blog after another.

I started to follow on "Grit And Glory" while waiting for my COF blogs to signal new posts.

If  one has an inkling of what transpires when a lull like this is going on, you would be quite apprehensive knowing that one or two of my close friends in this blog-world is off to see a Chiropractor or the Pain Docs.  It makes me apprehensive while hanging on to my Faith, that everything is alright.

Well, finding posts that are not too far between has been a sign that brings comfort to me.

Knowing that My Pain Won't Beat Me heroin is fine, in spite of the daily battle she is fighting with chronic pain, or being assured that Diane of AEW is just busy with studies and the ministry or off running errands, or Veronica Shticks is out on location for the Science field trip of her kids, then Pam, while not writing Apples of Gold, is happily spending time with her job, and Betty is Wise-Heartedly and Courageously working side by side her husband in their mission.

 Another friend, Lidia, is off to a brand new ground, to claim more jewels to add to her Crown of Beauty.   Of course, we are always praying for one another and we trust God fiercely, placing each one of us in this Circle in His Faithful Throne daily...... but their is always joy in finding their voices written in their blogs.

So while in anticipation of  my next portions, I had  ample time to blog hop again.  I started with my own promise to myself to go over at Grit and Glory and absorb the precious insights and reflections, even musings of Diane's wonderful mission-hearted daughter Alece.  I camped there for a while, crying over her sorrows and delighting in her triumphs.

Then I found a link in her blog roll which caught my eye just over its Everyday Awe blog name.  My curiosity landed me in another blog which really would leave you in awe at our God, for the beauty of her words.  Surprises of surprises,  I hopped in just in time for her freebie day.  She offers her readers to just put down in the comment box a request and the specifications and you will get that beautiful 8 x 10 wall art imprinted with  Personalized Scripture Verses.

I did not hesitate.  I sent out my request on the spot.  I was excited to see my name printed on this wall art.  My request was sent when America was slumbering.   Ms. Stephanie Spencer saw my request in the morning and I got it from my email.

When you look closely at it, besides the Bold Words which is stating the Promises of God for me, you can read the verses she has chosen to personalize for me.  Each scripture has my name in it, which is truly a powerful aid for us to take into heart the promises of God, as she aptly put:

"Personalizing Bible verses helped me when I was trying to understand how God felt about me. Not generally, as a human being, but specifically, as me."
                                                                                       ~Ms. Stephanie Spencer~

In one verse, it says:

Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate you, Lolita, from the love I have for you in Christ Jesus your Lord.
                                                                                        ~Romans 8:38-39~

Thank you, Ms. Stephanie Spencer, for my Personalized Wall Art.

Now, what are you waiting for, go and request for your name printed in one.