April 09, 2012

piZap Collage


I just want to share this new application that I discovered.  Perhaps, others have long been using this free on-line Photo Editor.  I find Photoshop difficult to swallow, so I have been using my Scrapbooking ACDSee Editor which is easier to navigate.  But if I am in the office, I could not use it also because it is not compatible with our Office System which is Ubunto.

I stumbled on this free online photo editor called piZap.  You can make collages, tweak on photos, put some frames and other easy to follow features.

Therefore, the next thing there is to do, is to show my collage.  I just love to feature our Family Outing/Island Hopping last March 25, 2012.  I did a post on this at Side B.  There are still lots of pictures because there were a handful of cameras clicking around during the event.

It was a lot of fun, as the motorized pump boat skimmed on clear waters to hover on islets scattered around our Cebu Province area.  Some islets were inhabited, others privately owned, still others have just bobbed up on surface.  There were beautiful sand bars which would submerged during high tide.  The best fun is the reunion, a time for updating with each other's experiences, swimming and eating together.  

This was a celebration for Mama and Jay's home visit this year.  Some fun huh!

Some story for my new project..... piZap collage.

Pictures from left to right:

Jay (my NYorker brother) and niece Marichelle (home from London); Bens, Mama, Me; Nico (my youngest son) far right.

 Middle:  Mike and I

Bottom:  Uncle Ruben, Mama and a niece's Mother-in-Law;  Lisa, (my sister who is working in Vietnam) and Nico.

Bottom-far right:  My Mama (81) Benita (she is living with Jay in NY)