July 17, 2012











I promise to Love you forever...   every single day of forever.

Ecru Satin, flowing lengths of lace, strings of beads, crystals, tulle and little flowers in pastel colors, lay in a gown box on Momma's cutting table.  

My mind swiftly goes to the wedding four months away.  The hopeless romantic heart in me, sings with merry notes because I have been a constant companion to the bride-to-be, just like a little attendant.

It was such a great delight for me, even though I was 5 years her junior.  Some of her courtship secrets were shared together in fun and carefree spirits.  She is my eldest step-sister. 

I was always around her in so many things she loved doing like baking.  Trying very hard to show interest in her instructions, I hippety-hop and skitter around our large kitchen.  Almost always, I end up happily washing the pots and pans, which of course, I can do perfectly. 

This was going to be her moment of glory, as every girl dreams of, to glide down the aile in finery, love light in her eyes, in the arms of her parents, and right there at the altar, stands,