May 02, 2012



When we encounter roadblocks on the road we are taking, we are forced to decide what to do next.

Roads could be closed for repairs or because of flooding.  Sometimes, due to a vehicular accident, we are required to stop until the road is cleared and all police matters are taken cared of.  We are stalled and we become impatient.  We could get angry depending on where we are heading and what was the purpose of the trip.

If you are on your way to respond to some emergencies and you are anxious to be there right on time, encountering a roadblock is not welcome.  You feel distressed every minute that goes by because you do not want to loose time.

There are times that we need to make a turnabout and take the road back to find another exit that would lead to our destination.  Or perhaps, if the obstruction is a temporary one, where we need to wait a short while,  still their is a need to wait.

Whatever obstacle is blocking our way, and causes a delay, it is always a situation we do not like.  It easily sends us over to boiling point and sometimes we yell in frustration or bang at something to spew our anger out.

So it is with our Christian walk.  Our roadblock could be a prayer over something pressing that has not taken a YES for an answer.  We need it badly.  Or we want an immediate solution.  We look out and there is no sign of positive answer.  Often we get frustrated and we shout out to God, "why did you not meet my request with a positive answer, Lord?  Lord, didn't you promise that all I have to do is ask?"  But still, the answer takes a long time coming.  Or maybe the answer was a plain NO or a WAIT one that would take longer than we are willing to do.

Lately I was asking God for provisions over something that is quite pressing in the sense that my youngest  son needs it for a course in drafting.  We needed a higher end Computer which is costly.  I would not be able to afford it if bought in cash.  Another option is to buy on credit which would curtail high interest rate.

A month have passed by and I still had nowhere to go.  I was about to give up the plan for Nico to enroll this month (May 2012).  He has already lost a lot of time in High School.  And at last he passed, by way of the Alternative Learning System which is recently offered by the Department of Education.  It is such a great joy to me that Nico has finally got his certificate.  It means that he could go to college.  But we decided on letting him take an informal-vocational skills training.  He is good in designs and graphics, so he wants to learn about drafting using the computers.  It would be such a let-down for him to be left behind once again.  Sometimes, it would usher in disappointments (let alone loosing heart) especially that another cousin is joining in the course but  the cousin would like to finish before the next school year begins, which will start in June.

The answer came yesterday, quite without notice, and not what I have expected  to be the source for my need.  My sister came back for a requirement she needed for her VISA application to Canada.  I did not even know she was around.  She dropped by the office to let me know she is going back to Vietnam that same night.  She wanted to say goodbye to me.  I opened my problem to her and she readily offered to pay for the PC.  I cried because I did not want to impose it upon her, but she told me she wanted to help.

Last night, I praised and thank God because He knew all the time.  I also thanked God for Martha is praying with me over my son's case.  All I needed was to trust Him and be patient to wait.

The lack of provision has caused me to think I was the roadblock myself, to my son's dreams.  But God, in his own time, moved that great boulder out of  my way.

During my early morning devotion today, He led me to the following verses:

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair ...

Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.
          Psalm 27:14 (NIV)

    I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Thank you God for roadblocks in our way,  it makes us pause and look up on you.  We get time to reflect upon your promises and to trust you truly and helps make our waiting moments a hopeful one.  For we know that you are always near and sees through our heart.  Amen.

When our roadblocks looks like Mt. Everest, then we need to kneel down and let God move it out of our way.

What is blocking your way today?  Keep trusting and hoping.  Be persistent in asking the Lord and do not tire of waiting.

 Maybe, the obstruction is blocking our way for a more meaningful service or ministry, then the problem could be something we need to process and something God has been sending alerts on but we are busy to take heed.

Or maybe God has been pointing at a detour, which will take you around and back on the way to your destination. Perhaps, the detour will be useful for the task that lay ahead.  Take it and ask God to lead the way.

              All of God's answers, (YES, NO, WAIT),  have   its own brand of benefits.   Being mostly short-sighted, it takes sometime for us to realize it.