March 21, 2012


Photo credits: Giulio Bernardi
Shticks character Arts by:  Ms. Veronica Shticks Anderson of

This is the first  picture Veronica did for me.  She was inspired by my post Rain, Rain, Rain.  She dropped this beautiful comment:

Veronica Shticks said...
Lolita, I was very touched by the part where your mother comes and picks you up with her bigger umbrella. I want to be like your Mom and have my little girls remember all the times I was there for them. this is a very sweet post with cozy imagery--at least for me who also associate rain with wonderful happy things. The pictures are beautiful and the storytelling is heartwarming!

We became friends through Diane, as did most of my blogging circle of friends, and we exchanged e-mails.  Once you follow her blog, you get updates.  Your comments can be posted in those e-mails and I made one.  Gosh, she has the grace of replying to my comments.  You may visit her blog and find inspiration, some good laughs about daily life, and see her hand displayed in the characters.

Thus, she proceeded to ask me if I wanted to be a "Shticks?"  I told her that it would be my honor.  Who would decline such a generous offer from a very talented lady?  I will be on her drawing board.  Can you imagine that?  What would it feel like being scrutinized with Photoshop brushes and pens?  I think, it needs her heart, her time and her talent.

I gave her freedom to envisage my own character and she produced the Umbrella scene for me.  This is a true gift.

Thank you so much, dear Veronica.  My memory of my mother and the umbrella days will be forever itched here in my page.



To Pam:  I think the picture could well be Irish or Scottish Hills.  One of those travel dreams of ours.