March 07, 2012


The Link Button:  Link Me?

I edited my own banner by resizing it to make a link button.  The above is what I produced, which I am just happy to share.  No, not because I want everyone to add my button to your blogs, but because I happened to stumble upon this lovely free editing site.  It has the basic features for photo editing, adding overlays and underlays, etc. and it is so easy to use....." Voila, a button, all in a jiffy."  Well, I posted this because I was busy studying how to make an HTML, for the button so that it will link to my site, once clicked.  My good friend was also challenging me to make my button.  So I searched for a free on-line photo editor, with which a grandma-become-digital geek, could easily navigate.

So there it is.  And for the free photo editor web-site that I used, here it is, introducing,   pixlr

Hope you will enjoy it.  Wahoo!!!1

To Diane, thanks for the challenge.  Your flag is flying in my blog ready to be "clicked,"  and in just a wink, one will be at your doorstep.  Wahoo back to you.  Grannies learning HTMLs, making LINK BUTTONS, changing the face of our blogs, making rooms for improvement, especially in digital and on-line world.  Isn't that amazing?

As my wise-hearted-friend, Martha, aptly said in her blog

 "Being Wise With the Timeline"....


we too, as most people, like to keep in step with cyber developments, for all purposes as well as to keep our hands busy with wise things to do.  Plenty a room to improve, anyone!