March 26, 2012


Best lesson in life for me?
When my Granny Loporlipitop Ellav taught me how to put my hands together and pray to God. ^_^

~Lovely morning dreh! :)

This is Denise Nicole.  She is my oldest grand child.  The message above was her status on March 10, 2012 and I was tagged with it.  (Thank you, my baby!)

I just want to post this so that whatever becomes of FB, I will have this in my blog.  I seldom visit FB.  I got it late unfortunately, but nevertheless precious.  Needless to say that I am very proud of her.

Denise is the sweetest grand daughter ever.  I practically raised her, being the first grand kid.  We dote on each other.  Whenever there  is something confusing that's bothering her, she comes to me for advice.  She laid her faith in Jesus when she was 5 and is now active in church.  She loves being a story teller to toddlers.

She is a junior at a Science High School funded by the Philippine government.  
Below are a few of Quest Community Fellowship activities Denise is so involved in.

This picture was taken during one of Quest Community Fellowship activities.  InsideOut is an environment designed for high school students.  They have a worship service and a lot of games and fun after.  This is scheduled two Sundays afternoon (second and 4th).

During a Georgia Inside-Out team visit. (Denise is wearing a pink cardigan).

This is a Waumba Land Environment activity-Pajama Party.  On microphone is Naumi and the lady in blue is Lissah.  They are among the leaders of the toddler group.  The children are gathered by groups while their parents attend worship service.  Waumba Land is divided into the Infants and Toddlers groups.  Upstreet is for Elementary aged group.  And Inside-Out is for high schoolers.