July 09, 2012


Slippers gather grit and are accommodated into the borrowed car as the family tiredly piles inside for the homeward trip.

Burnt offerings have been collected with little negotiations just to make them get out of the water,  then toweled dry and bundled into fresh clothes.

The youngest grandson, David Nigel, seven shades of brown now, is peacefully sleeping in my arms, all in a jiffy before we even got out of the gates.  Silence generally takes over the throne, perhaps due to the spent up day or for another reason which is the theme of this outing story.

It is just amazing how they come alive in the water so much like fishes long been deprived.  Yet when it's time to fish them out of the soaking, it is such a struggle, and once out on dry land, they immediately start to welt down like they really are water dwellers with gills and scales.

I am talking about the grand kids.  They really are adorable and they could
thrive a whole day of sun and sea,  if not for the adults who need to make the most of the remaining daylight as well as energy, for the trek back out of the uneven path we took earlier to get to the FAMILY REUNION rendezvous.

We had borrowed a deserted beach resort, a remnant of the grandeur that was Greece and the glory that was Rome, a modern day version though.  Of course, since it is now owned by a bank, there are certain protocols to follow in order to get access.

The area is guarded and that makes it a haven for just a few who are privileged the permission.  But you need to be aware that since the beach hotel is now in ruins, there is no flowing supply of fresh water and no electric power.  You need to bring your own amenities if you wish.

The buildings have long succumbed to the elements.  There are walls up but no roof.  Rest rooms are out of order and no water supply.  It was a private bare camping ground practically.

The place was preferred by a nephew because he likes to share to us his Jet Ski and let the venturous few cousins make attempts to skim it over the water surface.  Few others tried out Wake-boarding.  

Almost everyone made the roll down to sea , tried again, flipped to the dorsal, then pitifully and laboriously straddled back, only to roll once more.....  roll back down into water 'til it was sore.  Some had a success to skim on water a round or two, but most gave up hope because the bronco was stronger than the buster.

I was apprehensive when it was time for Nico to make his attempt.  He chose the wake and was ready for the pull when the gas finally run out.  I was sad and happy at the same time.  What are moms made of, BTW?

The young ones easily overlooked the crude setting with just a few benches and two little makeshift huts to blind away the dazzling sun of the Orient Seas.

The sheer freedom and the variety of physical activities to vent energy on was more fun than to complain about the whole situation.  You may just deliver them to their devices and they will blend to the sands, seas and sun.

Just let the older ones ache and stiffen the whole day long and complain. While they are off to new prances after the next, I contended to looking out the line where the sea meets sky and the dotting of islets scattered out the glassy stretch.

Our oldest granddaughter Denise, pulled all her charms just to let Jonathan (the owner) drive the ski with her up front.  It was quite hard for it was a single user one.  But he acceded to her delight.  They made two dips before they were able to ride the surface successfully. How I marvel at the energy which has been a given up freedom for me.

She and the other cousins belonging to the teen department had also been jumping off cliffs and swimming towards a boulder propped out of the deeper blue.  Then clambered upon it and then took dips to snap a few underwater mementos.

Then all of a sudden, it was pack up time.  So many things to put back where they once were.  Garbage to collect, checking out that everything is back the way it was before the mob.  Then came inevitable time to call out the more rebellious kiddos who desire the escapade to extend over to dusk.

I must tell you that I know all along that crabbiness, grumpiness and crankiness hopped into our baskets to join the fun when we left in the morning.  We had all been, as in, the same group, to our Auntie Selena's grand 80th birthday bash in a hotel ballroom last night which lasted until midnight.  Then the drive back home plus there were several drop offs to make.  Mike had been on the wheels for the last 4 days.

Sensing the situation of rest deprivation, I decided to stay calm all the way to the day's end.  I was almost successful until my little banter  was countered by grumpiness.  He rose to the bait instantly.  I wanted to be funny only to receive some hurting response.

A little let-down, I clamped my lips all the way home.  Grumpy. the driver must have sensed the intentional silence, and got the feeling, he tried to find ways to start light conversations or ask questions.  I answered with monosyllables to a word.  Silence was with us until we reached our door.

The cold war was silently declared  and went on until the heavy rains and thunderbolts decided to creep up our bed time and grumpy, Grandpa now,  found a way to conquer the fortress.  I thanked God for the change of weather which was to me a loud call to let walls fall.

For weren't we urged not to let the sun go down with quarrels unresolved?  And weren't we old enough for those kinds of LQ?  I hope not though.  Sometimes newness spring out of them.

Just remember to forgive easily and quickly.  Never carry the triplet(the basket crushers) over to break of day.  For in the morn, the climb up where God is is unhampered.

Funny had me on further because when I went to Jennifer's @ Jottings from Jennifer early today,  I was welcomed with a post about camping and the fun of the activities coupled with the familiar feelings and woes especially the after-camp ones.  Fully flipped over my dorsal, dipped down and rolled over, I need to share mine.... crabbiness consummated, while Jen's peace was given the reign in hers all the way.

Even when I thought that it was alright as it was not the boiling kind of anger, but a keep warm one, still I savored it, and wore it like a hat.

The fun of the day and the rare chance of a lifetime events over the few days would have been shadowed with the dark cloud of ill-temper.  At the end of the day,  family time spent together is more valuable, enough to brighten up and drive gloominess away.

Ephesians 4:26

"And "don't sin by letting anger control you."  Don't let the sun go down while you are still angry.


Note:  Pictures will be added as soon as the Cam's are all uploaded.
Auntie Selena came home all the way from California just to be with all of us in the event of her 80th birthday.  The family beach outing was a continuation of the big bash on the 7th.


  1. I think you said on Jen's site that the weather was also getting you down. Weather and lack of rest = recipe for grumps. The awful 100 degree weather here plus looking for work etc has had me grumpy myself... guess that's the human side of us. But oh, His still small voice inside leads us back to turning upwards. I picture God waiting patiently, then scooping us up. Your ears are tuned, even in such moments...and that is a lovely testimony, Lolita, even when we are so human. May the lovelier moments of your beach day lift your heart, and knowing He has you covered. :)

  2. My, it was a long and fun day. Pagod lahat, but worth the trip

  3. Yes, Pam. I have to admit that my human (physical) strength was zapped. What with continuous activities to attend or else our elders will hold some hard feelings if we excuse from them.

    Mike's aunt wanted to be around all of us. She even financed the trip for nieces and nephews from all over our archipelago.

    Thanks that God is always there even when I succumb to stress of these kind.

  4. Joy, thanks. Yes, I will always give greater value over my own weakness, the moments shared and the fun.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice outing with your grandchildren. :)


    The Philippines hot and wet reminds me of West Africa.

    I love your honesty and the way you express the "hot liquid inside of you wanting to spill out" --yes, I understand and have had that at times too. I am thankful for God's strength to help with that, and his forgiveness for the many times I fail to take him up on his help in controlling that too.

    Have a great day.

    Jennifer Dougan

  6. Lolita,

    You are welcome to browse any and all of my posts. I am honored and thrilled to have you there. Thanks for your encouraging words.

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    I like those posts too...

    Have a great week. Blessings.

    Jennifer Dougan


  7. Thank you, Jen.

    I will soon be browsing back on as I did in Pam's.

    I enjoy going back, retracing posts and learning on them anew.


Thanks for your company. I am glad you are here. Your encouraging word is appreciated. It brings joy like a cool breeze on a hot day. GBU!