February 19, 2013

Commuting With Crising

"The rain began again. It fell heavily, easily, with no meaning or intention but the fulfillment of its own nature, which was to fall and fall."

Helen Garner 

 ~ ~ ~o~ ~ ~
TODAY, as was yesterday, drizzles continuously invade, making the workday snooze-friendly.  I wrestle with the urge to stay under my warm blanket and stay underneath it the whole day. The cold invades my bones and it pokes at my Carpal Tunnel. Movement is a must.

"Oh how lovely it would be to read the word and journal to my heart's delight," I silently croon.  But that is not possible for the Boss would demand explanation for the no show.

Humnnn, to tarry and slow-down is so inviting.   But on the other hand, that is a nasty way to welcome Miss Lazy to your room. I decide instead not to give-in.  So I lift up drowsy head from the pillow, shed crumpled cotton off and pad to the bathroom.

The cold shower successfully wakes my sleeping nerves. Then after the morning rituals, out I go under the drenching sky.  Umbrellas go up as the slow march to the stop begins.  

The public commute is harder in normal sunshiny days but a pain more during rainy.  Some difficulty but patience to abide is my choice.  The commuter fills and we huddle together in the seats.  No irritating space haggling is necessary today because the cold is switching on the sisterly and brotherly warm side-by-side hug.  

While on the road to the office, I take time to close my eyes to savor the nice early morning air washed by the heavenly shower.  The earth and I are in sacred harmony.  "We, that has breath, Praise the living God!" I love being drenched and soaked with my Father's love as the soft droplets keep pouring outside our commuter.

Praises to the Father escapes my breath.  Gratefulness to Him who gifts me with a brand-new and newly cleansed day! "Thank you Father, for this day, with its new hopes and new mercies."  And I begin my litany of pleas for my family, friends (especially my COF), my works and co-workers, my church, my community and my country, and oh for the whole world too.  I thank God, the Father of heavenly lights and gifts, for everything..... and to be quietly riding with Crising.  

The sun is still in its place as well as the planets and the stars even when I barely spot them.  I have that great faith in the one who holds them in their regular course.  He is also holding me steady and secure.  And you too!

The effect of the cold front from the north is good for us where we are in the Pacific.  But when it is met by a Low-Pressure-Area, a tropical depression brews.  Thus, rainy days is expected on its path.  The name of the TP hovering over us is "Crising."  And she has been my traveling companion since yesterday.  Forecast has it for three days or more. She has made sweaters, raincoats and umbrellas to get out of hiding.  Today I am donning them with my own soul sweater, Him and His glory.

They warm my soul and tugs at my heart, to breathe out petitions for places greatly affected where the eye of the depression is.  I pray for those who haven't gotten over last years,' which caused a lot of damage and took lives and homes in its wake.  May God spare them and may this time it will be weaker that the other.

How is your day?  What are your musings?  May you be fine and may He continue to shine in your days, no matter what the weather is.  For didn't God promise the rainbow to remind Him not to flood again the earth like in Noah's time?

"Then I will give you rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit."


Don't let the rain dampen your spirit.

And I like to just link to this status by a very good friend of mine in her FB.  We feel the same during light drizzles.  The pitter-patter of the soft droplets makes our soul find rest in His steadfast Love.

Hosea 6:3