March 13, 2012


There is something about rain that sends me off to Joy Land.  It never fails to tip my lips a perfect curve up.  Not only does it brings coolness to my day, but it gives me enough list to thank God for.

When I was little, there was this moment that never got archived to the remotest area of my brain.  I was in my first grade of school and the weather in June here in the Philippines is wet.  It is the start of school year and happy feet of children on their first day of school, don't get dampened by the downpour.  It gives us extra supply to choose to bring to school.  Like, maybe a pink umbrella to match a pair of pink rain coat and sweaters.  We would compare our goodies with one another and we would have fun closing and opening our umbrellas.

One day, I was the envy of my classmates.  When the day ended and we were ready to go home, the rain poured heavily.  We were forced to stay inside our classrooms because it was a stormy kind of rain.  Not just a little drizzle which my tiny umbrella couldn't take.  I might be blown away with it if I tried to walk home under it.

Then, my ever thoughtful Mother came, with her big umbrella.  She came to pick me up armed with my sweater too.  I happily skipped in the rain to walk along side her.  We went home hand in hand under her big umbrella.

The next morning, a couple of classmates told me that I was so lucky to have a Mother like mine.  They longed for their own Mothers to come pick them from school during that downpour of the previous day.  That made me smile all day long wishing it would be raining again by the time we go home.  Nothing could ever dampen my spirits that day.  The sunshine in my smile made the gloomy weather brighter.

Thank you, God, for giving us mothers and for giving them big hearts to carry a good amount of love to extend to their children.

"Rain, rain, rain..... do not go away!  
I like you, any other day.
Umbrellas go up, and up the town,
When you come pouring down, and down.
by Lolita 3.14.2012


Do you like rain?  If not, what experience makes you associate it with hurtful memories?

You may choose to think of it as blessings, pouring down from heaven above, for farmers, for our gardens, for coolness and for thirst.

It would be reassuring to think about why God made that band of lovely colors across the sky when it rains.

It is God's covenant to His people not to flood the earth again like the time of Noah.

So should our troubles and cares be, we are able to get through any of them, because He promised that He will not give us any, larger than we are capable of surpassing.

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  2. This post was inspired upon seeing Pam's post ( I do love umbrellas. Even had fun collecting back then.

    I was also being led to Ms. Holley Gerth's site which is now featuring her book "Rain On Me." I sure would watch our Christian Book Store when stocks would come, I will get one for myself. It would be a refreshing devotional about rains in our life, especially the stormy kind.

  3. Here's another post about rain.:

    There is peace in the rain.

  4. Beautiful, Lolita. I love the poem!

    I love soft, gentle rain. I like to walk in that kind of rain.

    And jump in puddles! Hehe

  5. True, Diane. I like the feel of soft gentle drizzles, running down our face, looking up at the One who can open up the heavens with roaring thunders, and yet so gentle to send us soft rain, enough to wet the parched land.

    Those kinds, I could connect to His gentle nudge, to let us look up the heavens.

  6. Lolita, I was very touched by the part where your mother comes and picks you up with her bigger umbrella. I want to be like your Mom and have my little girls remember all the times I was there for them. this is a very sweet post with cozy imagery--at least for me who also associate rain with wonderful happy things. The pictures are beautiful and the storytelling is heartwarming!

  7. I love the rain when it is not thundering or threatening tornadoes etc... Your memory reminded me of my mom. Only it is a memory of when I was in junior high (11 - 13 years old). At that age, it was not cool to wear rainwear or carry an umbrella so I would often sneak out of the house without one. I was actually embarrassed when my mom would walk up with an umbrella to walk me home. But now, that is a treasured memory of how much she cared and speaks so much to me of selfless love. We only had one car, and my dad took it to work, so she had to walk blocks to do that. I enjoyed this story of yours, Lolita!

  8. Thank you, Pam. As I do yours.... all of them, especially those special moments while growing up. They reflect a lot of your character, how you were brought up, and what it made you today.. so special.

  9. To Veronica:

    Thank you so much for reading my post, Veronica. I am so honored and humbled.

    Yes, I too, likes to have many quality-time-of-loving to leave behind for my own kids and grand kids. My oldest grand daughter liked being told about how grandpa and me met. It tickled her pink and she wanter more replays of the story. She is now 15 and she loves to read and is beginning to explore writing.

  10. I was so excited to see your umbrella story over on Tell Me A Story!

    I'm so glad you posted there! I'm so proud to know you, Lolita!

  11. Thank you for your entry at Tell me a True Story! I too love the rain. We have needed it here and this week we have had downpours, enough for awhile. When God sends His new Rain down to refresh us in our spirits this is the best rain that we can experience. I loved your story about rain and your early experience at school.

  12. Hazel (A Joyful Noise),

    Thank you for visiting and reading my entry. I felt a need to post my childhood story after Diane joined Tell Me A Story (blog hop).

    I have a long list of blogs to go and gather deep and nourishing posts of life-lived-with-Christ, including yours which needs a lot of stillness for they run deeper to the core.

    Hugs to you, Hazel.

  13. Veronica-

    Dear, I thank God, I found a copy of the original post on RAIN RAIN RAIN.

    I think I know why I lost a paragraph. It was due to shifting photos to their appropriate corners.

    sorry for that. I am a tinker-fiddle-mess upper. I reread then I think the right word should have been this and that.... etc, etc.

    Then, I loose some when I thought I gained a lot. Dah(:


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