May 20, 2012


Come pray with me....

Father thank you for a new day in you. Thank you for your power and your might. Thank you for going before us and making every crooked place straight today. Father we ask that you be all that you are in us and through us. Help us Daddy. Help us to help those around us. Help us to show them your love, your peace, and your protection. Let them see us walking in your word. Let them see us trusting your word. Let them see us believing your word Daddy. Father you are so good. We love you. We believe you. We need you.

Father today we ask that you heal our bodies. Where the enemy is trying to rule and reign. We command divine healing to take place. Father we ask that you meet every need. Where our increase has been held up Father .... we ask for release now in Jesus name. Father we pray for your peace and your power to rule and reign in our lives. Father we pray for open doors to manifest in our lives. Do what only you can Daddy. Protect us Father. Where the enemy is trying to come in as a flood .... raise up your standard of protection. Father we love you and we ask all these things in Jesus name. Amen.
Today is a share-a-post-Monday.  This was originally published by an FB friend.  I am sharing this here because we need this Healing Power Prayer all the time.  I am laying this upon my friends and for myself.
Let us pray together..........


This video IS in a post  by Rosel of RCUBEs entitled:   HOME IS WHERE HE IS

The lyrics of the song is so inspiring, thus I shared it here.  I want this to be in handy, when trudging this earthly journey, there may come time that I will have to come back for it.

If you wish to read the post which carried this video, please go ahead to Rosel's blog.

Happy Monday, Everyone!