April 18, 2012




The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.
                                 ~Psalm 45:13~

Kings' daughters were among thy honourable women: 
                                         ~Psalm 45:9a~

This is a symbol for royalty, a diadem/a crown.  It signifies kingship,  a kingdom ruler.


English: Diadem. Gold. Greek, probably made in Alexandria, Egypt, 220 - 100 B.C. The piece probably belonged to a noble woman of the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt. The clasp is shaped as a protective Herakles knot


If I am a King's daughter, I am a princess and all rights of being one is due me.  But with it, comes duties and responsibilities to keep up with the stature.  The question, then, would be, am I fit to be one, not by virtue of my inheritance and bloodline, but by my actions and character?

Psalm 43:13, means to me, that being a King's daughter, I would be all glorious within.  My clothing is embroidered with gold.  This is a picture of the marriage between Christ, the head of His Church, as the Bridegroom,  and the Bride, His Church, chosen, pure and Holy, sanctified....... therefore, all glorious in the chamber (heaven).


To apply this knowledge into my life here on earth, and in order for me to be worthy of this calling (a member of the Bride/Church/Body), I have these points to consider:

1.  I must be sure, I have professed/vowed to be a Bride-meaning I am sure of my salavation.  I am a gentile, my bloodline is not a direct one, but by adoption.  I became a child of God, through Jesus' death on the cross and by His resurrection, I was redeemed and purchased, my sins which blocked me entry to heaven, washed away spotless. 

2.  I shall continue to abide in God, to cleave - securely cling to the Vine, by my daily life-inhalation with the purifying words in the scripture, and exhale in prayers everything necessary, like confessions and petitions as well as my Praises and Thanksgiving towards God.

3.  Daily life of devotion, being quiet outwardly and inwardly, in meditation of His words, His speaks to me His instructions, guidance and wisdom .

4.  Think about others, their welfare and love them as I love myself.  Encourage one another in prayer and in words-to edify them and to help each other towards the day when Christ Jesus comes back for us.

Of course, our outer self, our shortcomings, our sins are not important to God.  What is important is how we live all this things up, how we dealt with our sins through confessions, how we have forgiven other who have sinned against us ....in short how we traveled this life here on earth. 

The beauty should come from within.

Note:  It is known that Earthly Princes and Princesses are born and are trained, in all finesse, for the position and duties they would, one day, be occupying.

How would we then be prepared for our position in the Kingdom of Heaven as prince and princesses?

Related Verse:

"You will be a crown of splendor in the LORD's hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God."

                                                                                  ~Isaiah 62:3~

Lord, may I be worthy to adorn your court when that day comes.  Help me while here in my sojourn, as an alien on this earth.  Apart from your guidance and will, Oh God, I am nothing.  May I be a vessel for your honor and glory.


  1. Oh Lolita, you pressed in to the heart of God. Your insight is inspiring!

    Wow...is about all I can say right now...WOW!!!

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Lolita-
    your heart is so filled with love for the Lord and as you continue to blog, I see your heart opening up to all who read your posts! Its like watching the most beautiful flower in the world-it slowly opens, is filled with colors beyond any comparison and there is such an amazing Fragrance of LOVE that draws us in.

    You are on the road my dear! God is smiling in all HIS glory as you share the depth of your LOVE!!

    God bless you dear one.


  3. Diane-

    I want to thank you, because you are leading us.... giving us beautiful materials to inspire us to dig deeper. I need those prodding and I am getting them from you BS and from the DCUD. I praise God for you and how you apportion you gifts to us.

    These are things that lead me to God's wonderful words and lessons.

    Thanks for your kindness and extravagant love.

  4. Martha-

    You words are so beautiful and sometimes I feel so humbled because I am simply in awe of how you all write. I would always think, am I getting across.

    Anyway, whatever I write I lift them up to God for blessings that it might bless readers. There are also those times, you and my other circle of friends, find jewels of thought out of them, and gee how I praise and thank God, knowing that it should be coming from His wisdom, not mine. All glory belongs to Him, and it is such a joy that He could use a voice like mine.

    Thanks you, and more blessings to you, with my love,


  5. Lolita-

    "AM I GETTING ACROSS?" The question you ask yourself in blogging--

    My Dear-Your WORDS are flying over the long ocean waters that lie between us all!

    Never for a second doubt your words!

    HE has given you great wisdom and an even greater Heart!!!

    I am so thrilled to know Lolita!!

    Love, Martha

  6. Thank you, dear Martha!

    Gee, that was fast. What time is it?

    You are awake, my friend.

    I prayed fro you this morning, when I sat in God's presence, and in my waking moments. I wish you will have a good rest tonight.

    It is 9:00 AM here.

    God bless you, and how beautiful your words are, they will keep me smiling all day long.

  7. Oh, Lolita...

    I am truly humbled by your words. I don't even know how to respond...

    I love sharing the GIFT of God's Word with anyone who desires to open that gift. I love that we can come to our Father's banqueting table and feast on His Word. Have it nourish us. Then go out and live it.

    I appreciate your gratitude my dear friend. Thank YOU for showing it. I am so blessed by your friendship!

  8. I think it is so beautiful how you took off with such depth on the verse I shared recently... God is really pouring His heart into and through you, Lolita! And yes, you more than come across, for it is His spirit moving your "pen." :)


Thanks for your company. I am glad you are here. Your encouraging word is appreciated. It brings joy like a cool breeze on a hot day. GBU!