February 20, 2008

Kids @ Camp 2006

Enjoying the fruits of their labor-barbeque dinner on
banana leaves

Fun and teamwork during games & hurdles

Activity time after the devotion

Group sharing

Devotion time

The white sands of Duran Beach, Tabuelan, Cebu, Phils.

These are some of the photos taken during our Kids' Camp in the summer of 2006.

Our favorite campsite is a very lovely and peaceful beach called Duran's Beach Resort located in Tabuelan, Cebu. It has a vast sandy beach which is safe even for little kids.

We have had so much fun and learnings in this campsite. As you can see in the pictures I have posted here, the youth learn to play as teams, they share prayers and insights during quiet times and devotions, learn how to do chores like cooking, cleaning and housekeeping, and they enjoy each other's company and fun at game times.

The kids, most often, have their first encounter with the savior Jesus Christ during one of these campings. It is our intention to administer to these sponsored kids to have a meaningful life through our alternative learning activities, carefully programmed to address the four most important areas of growth, namely: social, spiritual, economic and physical.

Lastly, let me introduce to you our Compassion International supported Student Center Program here in Cebu City, Philippines. The project name is "Cornerstone Student Center Program."

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