June 08, 2012


Summer crawled so slowly that year.  I came home from my Aunt's after a year of living with them.  It was a year away from home.  I had to sojourn on the homesickness road with the firm determination not to skip a school year.  I helped around my Aunt's printing business like sorting and collating printed forms for clients.  I delved my hands into bookbinding and putting ribbons on wedding invitations.  The latter part, I really enjoyed.

My mom had a hard time sending me to
High School that year.  There were no public High Schools in our island then and the only one available for free was a 15 minute boat ride and 20 minutes walk away.  We had pleaded with my Aunt, on my father's side, last summer to take me in, in exchange of my assistance in their business.  It meant a whole lot of sacrifices for me, having to leave the place of my birth and my friends behind.  I thought to myself, anyway it was only for a year.  Saving up on allowance was my firm resolve so that I could come home to the island from time to time.  It helped to lessen the heaviness in my heart.

Then, one thing turned out pretty good, while staying with them, a cousin my age became closer to me.  I got to sleep with her and we went on errands together.  She was also generous with vanity things she had that I could not afford for myself.  Practically we shared a lot including secrets.  We were at the age of crushes and trying on vogue things.  I was happy that she was so generous and we hit together like chocolate fudge on ice cream.

The school year went on a breeze and it was almost over, I still got myself on top three of our class and I was happy to be able to help with my cousin's home works while assisting in the shop.

It was funny that when the time came for me to go back home for the summer vacation, I had a little ache inside which pointed into the blossoming friendship I shared with my cousin.  We were born 5 days apart of the same year.  That could contribute largely for us to click immediately and bond.

Another school year is about to step in, and I wanted to graduate from my school together with my old classmates.  To be on the yearbook with them meant so much to me.  But, again, the idea still hang on the balance.  I know my mom will be hard up on our family budget.  So I just let go of it and let God.

Then one day, a distant kin came for a visit.  I learned that they were the family who became my Momma's foster home until the time she married my father.  Their mom, gone to heaven now, mentored my mom to become a seamstress, which also supplied the bread for our family and helped us thrive when Momma became a widow at a young age.  We grew up with our grandparents, who took care of us while our mom went to her shop to sew dresses for ladies.

Anyway, the son of my Mom's foster mother wanted to revive their dress shop.  He wanted this legacy of his mom to continue and the object of their visit became evident.  He was offering my mom the management of this prospective shop.  Upon hearing of my desire to finish my last year of high school, they used this to make my Momma agree.  I knew deep inside what she was trading away with.  It was her freedom to manage her own shop.  It was so important to my mom to be independent.  She had done so well so far.  But this time, she had me to consider, she agreed.  Whether the partnership prospered or not, would be another story to tell.

It was something to be happy about.  What with my wish heading towards its fruition.  Yet it had a sore sense attached to it.

Went, I did, to live in another home........ just for my desire to graduate from high school.  It was another year traded over to homesickness again.  I wonder what I will find and what I will learn out of this new road.  One thing is quite sure, the seashells in my pocket is growing.

There were roads too many, yet there was only one that held the greatest impact in my life.  It was the road of encounter, my road to Damascus, the road Jesus had chosen to overtake me on.

It was a road headed to disaster.  And Jesus knew the time was ripe for me.

On all the roads traveled on, this had the greatest life-changing result for me.

A time to get to know my Creator, my Savior and my King.

So folks, where I am now...... were connections of roads I took on my own, roads I decided to traverse independent of the purpose laid out for me, yet God inter-connected them to make a whole new me, and to put me on my way to His purpose.

How were your roads connected?  How did Jesus intersect with yours? 

Romans 8:28

New International Version (NIV)

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Anywhere my road takes me, I am confident that in His word, I would reach the destination He has prepared for me. 

Proverbs 22:3a

"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." (NLT)

Let God lay your path out and let His light shine upon it like a beacon at sea in darkness.

Psalm 119:105

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path”

If one day, you shall be, in a place other than home, please find LIKE things in your new place.  Find something familiar in this other road that will make you feel LIKE home...... like walking on the same fields of green grasses, like the same sound of birds chirping, like the same colors of the rainbow on a dewy day.  There, you will find, or it finds you.....home is in the heart.  Home is where God is.

This poem was found through searching (like how I love to find seashells in this google world).  It is like home......


The fog that is like...   but more rare
The wind that is like...   but not so sharp
The sand that is like...    but turns to mud
The hills that are like...    but more peopled
The flowers that are like...    but bloom earlier
The beach that is like...    but more crowded
The summers that are like...    but darken quickly
The air that is like...    but not so sweet

Poet:  Elizabeth Burns
published in Painted, spoken, No. 8, 2005

Website:  http://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poetry/poems/like

Note:  For emphasis, I added the dots after the beginning verses to let the hanging words occupy your thoughts.  They spell home to me, comparing the old hometown to the city.

Another Weekend Blessings
to you all! 

Hope to see again soon in this same spot next week.
I will be on a road where the line is off for the weekend.


  1. What a touching story of love and self sacrifice this is, dear Lolita.

    It was so beautifully written, so tender are the memories you keep in your heart. What a kind cousin she was, and I am sure you still have a close bond up to today!

    And what a loving mother you had... the most touching element in your story.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    Much love

  2. Living my life sans His guidance, I used to think that it was me who chose the right road to achieve success. Like you, a relative helped me so I could study here, away from home. Lots of sacrifice on my part and my own family. Until I stumbled upon the Roman Road I didn't know had been out there for me to see and ignored. Now it made sense to me of how it was truly the Lord orchestrating everything in my journey. And how He had been there for me during those difficult times when I thought I was all alone. He made a way and He does still today. That's our journey. To scream about His glory and what His grace does into our broken lives and how He makes them whole. It's easy to show our joys during the triumphs but may we also tell and boast about Him especially during the times we are in the valleys.

    I love your story and the transformation that took when you also walked in Roman Road. God bless.

  3. I love this story, Lolita... sounds like God gave you a kindred sister in your cousin. How old were you - 16? Yes a hard time to leave home as you did, but a gift God gave you there too. Thanks for giving us a new glimpse into your life! I feel like I know a bit more of you now...

  4. What a sweet story, Lolita! I so enjoyed reading it!

  5. Beautfil story Lolita...beautiful.

  6. @Lidia,

    Yes Lidj, this part of my youth. I had been a wanderer in search of wisdom, but only worldly wisdom.

    Glad that Jesus met me somewhere along the way of my winding roads.

    My mom is my model of love and generosity...... I only could hope to be like her, even halfway.

  7. @Rosel,

    Yes, Ros. My Roman Road.... like Paul.

    Yet, I am not fit to tie the thongs of Paul's sandals.

    But Jesus did it all upon the cross.

  8. @Pam,

    This story was boiling inside me. I did not know why but the Holy Spirit guided me. Our birthdays is coming soon next month. I can't forget hers because I would be lagging behind her five days late.

    It is a wonder that her name is "Mercy." It fits her character so much coupled with a strength born of the struggles being one of seven siblings themselves.

    She became a nurse, now married to a sea man. I became an accountant.

  9. @ Betty & Veronica,

    Thanks that you found my story beautiful and sweet.

    Part of who I am now is the product of my wanderings and a large part is by Jesus' guidance.

  10. Lolita-
    Amazing as you continue to shine such beauty (being YOU) and how your life moved, with your Faith growing by the second!

    So beautiful to read, so thankful to have this as I hold it close to my heart!

    Bless you Dear Lolita. Martha

  11. Oh, Lolita...to have a glimpse into your youth is a treasure. Thank you for sharing this part of your story. Truly you know sacrifce. Truly, your family does. A mere reflection of Jesus!

    I love your blog's new look. I've missed several posts...

    I've missed reading your heart, precious one!

  12. Thanks, Diane and Martha.

    It is okay for you missing on things here, D.... because I know where you are tinkering this days.... there at your precious health blog. Great that you are helping many realize what our body's healing potential is.

    And Martha, thanks for holding me in your heart.

    GBU both!

  13. I hold you close in my heart, as well, Lolita! All of you, I do! You bring tears of love to heart and my eyes!

    OK. Enough of this....

  14. Lolita,

    I re-read this sweet post... and enjoyed it all over again.

    Maybe one of these days, I could land in Cebu, and visit you.

    Sometimes we go to the YWAM base there to do ministry. It's not a farfetched idea.


  15. Yes, I would be glad to see you in person too, Lidia.

    That is something to look forward to.

    God bless you mightily in all the things He does through, in and for you.

    We'll keep that in our future opportunities.

    And thank you for coming over again.

    I went to your blog to read about Rowan. I will come back because I needed time to do my respect.... in stillness for a while. He was and is precious. I am honored to know his family of strong people in God.

  16. Baby Rowan lived for six months but she brought so much joy to her parents and grandparents. The pictures they showed of her show her to be full of smiles. We have prayed for her even before she was born, but Jesus wanted her in heaven. She is completely whole ... but of course the ones left on earth have to go through a grieving season. Our group gave the family a Rowan tree... it was delivered to Cathy's house yesterday from Coeur d'Alene Idaho... their family will plant it as a tree memorial, in honor of Baby Rowan. What a great privilege to have been a part of this young life. We will all see her in heaven. Thank you Lolita for paying your respects in your own way.


  17. First time visiting your blog from " Encouraging word". And I love your story. Very inspirational. Me too had travelled many roads; both the wrong raods and the right roads. I am happy though that God had been there for me and now I can say that He still is. I will now follow your blog:)

  18. Thank you, Joy.

    Welcome to my humble musings..... in my walk with Jesus.

    Glad to know you and come back soon.

  19. God put you on roads that would lead you to receive an education, then a road to discover Jesus. Wonderful Post.


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