March 28, 2012


Yesterday morning, I arrived at my office early.  I did not eat breakfast as usual, as I am in the habit of doing.  My tummy would grumble if I do.   So I eat breakfast in my office.

As I have not packed food to carry, I decided to buy from the lady who cooks for us down at the back of our building.

I walked back to the office carrying my goody and trying to balance on my wedge over the uneven path.  Then my left leg (the bad one) gave..... and down-tripped did I.  My heavy butt together with all the love handles attached to my tummy, conspired to throw my Sumo weight down the ground..... on my knees first, then on my elbows ..... lastly face down.  I was still holding my food, sauce spilling, yet held fast with my left grip.

Perhaps that was the very reason I was not able to prevent the face-on-the ground episode.  My instinct, my primitive-tummy-over-anything else instinct, saved my food and not my face.  Luckily, I only scraped my eyeglasses, saving a scratch on my face.  Another miracle I celebrated yesterday, was being able to rise up from the ground by myself, and there was no one around looking.  So glad, it did not leave me with a damaged dignity.  A little physical injury is more bearable than self-pity.

By the way, I discovered that if I wear a wedge (a 2-1/2 inch high level one), it takes away the pain on my heel as I walk.  But I have to walk carefully especially with the kind of pavements we have here...... damaged and uneven.  It is easy to trip.

Down on the ground, a few seconds before I rose myself up slowly, the reverse way I tripped, face up, level up to the waist, next up to my knees, then up on my toes, I had a vision of a fallen Savior.

He carried That Cross For Us.
It reminded me, as our country is so serious over the season of Lent, about Jesus carrying the cross, the heavy weight of our sins upon His shoulders.  He tripped, maybe many times, He tripped with the weight.

And I prayed:   

"Oh my Lord Jesus, thank you for the cross, the weight of our sins laid upon that cross.  How you suffered on our behalf...... and all we could do is thank You.  We could never say it good enough but Your love provided the salvation for us.  Help us give honor to that cross.  Make us worthy of Your grace, Lord.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord Jesus."

"I, also am super grateful, Lord, that you have cushioned me and prevented undue damage from the crash.  I know your angels were around me then.  There are also my "circle of praying friends"  who are lifting me unto your lap, upholding me with their petitions.  It did not trigger my BP to rise and I just had a scratched pair of eyeglasses.  Amen!"

To Diane:  Thank you for letting me use your phrase that I have re-phrased, "lifting me unto your lap."   I read it at Martha's post 3.27.12.