March 28, 2012


Yesterday morning, I arrived at my office early.  I did not eat breakfast as usual, as I am in the habit of doing.  My tummy would grumble if I do.   So I eat breakfast in my office.

As I have not packed food to carry, I decided to buy from the lady who cooks for us down at the back of our building.

I walked back to the office carrying my goody and trying to balance on my wedge over the uneven path.  Then my left leg (the bad one) gave..... and down-tripped did I.  My heavy butt together with all the love handles attached to my tummy, conspired to throw my Sumo weight down the ground..... on my knees first, then on my elbows ..... lastly face down.  I was still holding my food, sauce spilling, yet held fast with my left grip.

Perhaps that was the very reason I was not able to prevent the face-on-the ground episode.  My instinct, my primitive-tummy-over-anything else instinct, saved my food and not my face.  Luckily, I only scraped my eyeglasses, saving a scratch on my face.  Another miracle I celebrated yesterday, was being able to rise up from the ground by myself, and there was no one around looking.  So glad, it did not leave me with a damaged dignity.  A little physical injury is more bearable than self-pity.

By the way, I discovered that if I wear a wedge (a 2-1/2 inch high level one), it takes away the pain on my heel as I walk.  But I have to walk carefully especially with the kind of pavements we have here...... damaged and uneven.  It is easy to trip.

Down on the ground, a few seconds before I rose myself up slowly, the reverse way I tripped, face up, level up to the waist, next up to my knees, then up on my toes, I had a vision of a fallen Savior.

He carried That Cross For Us.
It reminded me, as our country is so serious over the season of Lent, about Jesus carrying the cross, the heavy weight of our sins upon His shoulders.  He tripped, maybe many times, He tripped with the weight.

And I prayed:   

"Oh my Lord Jesus, thank you for the cross, the weight of our sins laid upon that cross.  How you suffered on our behalf...... and all we could do is thank You.  We could never say it good enough but Your love provided the salvation for us.  Help us give honor to that cross.  Make us worthy of Your grace, Lord.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord Jesus."

"I, also am super grateful, Lord, that you have cushioned me and prevented undue damage from the crash.  I know your angels were around me then.  There are also my "circle of praying friends"  who are lifting me unto your lap, upholding me with their petitions.  It did not trigger my BP to rise and I just had a scratched pair of eyeglasses.  Amen!"

To Diane:  Thank you for letting me use your phrase that I have re-phrased, "lifting me unto your lap."   I read it at Martha's post 3.27.12.


  1. Lolita-
    Oh No-this sounds like something I do all the time! Thank GOD you are okay and everything is still intact. Isn't it amazing as we are laying on the ground after a fall-with our "dignity" laying there for all to see that we are ashamed and want to get up so fast!!

    Heh-I am glad you held onto the food-now thats very important to do. About one year ago, I went to a place called "Shecker Shape-Ups" (i might have this spelled wrong) but they are these amazing shoes that many women buy thinking it will tone up their buttocks and have them looking like a model!! All I was looking for was a shoe that might be the MIRACLE to make the CONSTANT burning in my foot go away!

    I put a pair of their sandals on and my MIRACLE happened!! I emailed the company, telling them in detail how amazing the shoes are. As long as I have these shoes on, that foot NEVER burns-but the second my shoes come off- Burn is back and stays with me until I put the shoes on again..

    I loved your words about Lent-what Jesus endured for us out of LOVE-oh it touched my heart and always know, there is a circle of blessings that now surrounds you all the time!

    Love, Martha

  2. Yes, Martha. I am claiming benefits of our circle. That alone makes me lift my face up towards the giver of life, thanking Him and praising Him everyday, for my new circle.

    It is amazing how it also gives us a happy and a new look towards every situation we are in. Summed-up: positive.

  3. Martha-P.S.

    I forgot to comment about the shoes. That is good you have them on. I could just imagine the pain in every step. That should be a miracle alright.

  4. Oh, my Lolita! I'm so sorry for your fall, but so blessed by how your correlated to Jesus and His Cross. Hallelujah!

    And I praise His Name that you didn't get injured - especially your pride as there was no one around to witness it.

    I thank God for his angels that have charge over us, that we would not even dash our foot against a rock! I thank God that hey cushioned your fall!

    Hallelujah AGAIN!

    P.S. Veronica, I can just picture this Shtick!!!! You should see the image in my mind! I'm laughing just that the thought of it!

  5. Hallelujah to our God, D.

    I might go to my optical later this afternoon for a change of spectacles which is so scratched and twisted. I am glad for a change too.

    Thanks, D, for echoing my thoughts and my praises.

  6. You made fun of yourself! I can't believe how you put funny, profound, endearing and sweet in the same story!!! That's what I usually aim for in my blog but I have to put together different stories in the same post. You pulled it off with just one! The tittle made me laugh right off the bat before I caught myself and thought, "Oh no, did she get hurt?" I'm so sorry you fell, my dear sweet Lolita but I'm soo proud of you for making light of it! Bless you!

  7. Diane, you saw the shtick before I did! Hehehehhehe. Poor Lolita! I'm so sorry!

  8. I don't mind, V. I don't like your shtick people to be boring. I love them all alive and taking all energies and forces to express their emotions into situations.

    Lolita Shticks tripped, went down on her knees and rolled to the ground-face-down but holding on the her breakfast.....

    That is a funny good scene.

  9. And D. I like also the scene at Martha's.

    You should listen to all of Martha's lovely images of us circle friends in her kitchen baking cookies..... and everybody suggesting what should be done and yet never having to argue.

    Martha is such a gifted director-script writer of happy scenes in shticks.

  10. One thing more, before I forget, guys.

    I climb up the three plights of stairs up to my office, like nothing happened. I told my story to my co-workers and went on to eat my breakfast, just like nothing happened.

    Wow, I wasn't shaken, I still had appetite. There was just this something on my left vision.... oh, it was out of focus because it got twisted and there were scratches all over the lens. I cleaned my eyeglasses up and tried to fix the twist so I won't see through them like a cross-eyed.

    The gal who tripped ate heartily her breakfast and she live happily all throughout the day.......

    Why guys, I have you around me on my table everyday. After a few minutes of devotion and thanksgiving for a new day made for us, I sip coffee and eat all of your cookies to go with it.

    Now, that's a beauty!!!!!


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