February 21, 2008


Teachers on their way to a center

Desk work during a center day.

Teachers, parents and sponsored
kid's participation

One of those culminations and
programs wherein children present
parts. (In the picture, a girl leads the
opening prayer).

A dance number

A center day begins at 8:00 AM on Saturdays, with group clubs according to age levels. They tackle academic reinforcements and other alternative learning activities. Then the kids have a supervised lunch at 12:00 NN until 12:30 PM. Then they are given a rest of 30 minutes. At 1:00 until 1:40 PM, they have game-time or council time (spiritual aspect) or handbook time using AWANA handbooks. This depends upon the group level scheduling. A center day usually ends at 4:00 PM.

Older kids have another format. We follow the "Youth Completion Program" to prepare them for their future careers. A folder is being compiled for each child wherein all aspects, growth, cases, progress and monitoring on all 4 areas are being kept and maintained. You will be able to see also the periodic updates of each child and see their pictures every time updates are made.

Other activities like field trips, sports fest, workshops and even dental and medical check-ups are inculcated in a center day. They are being scheduled and some activities outside the center is being accomplished by grade-level. All of these should fall under an approved plan of action for each school year. This is where the support of Compassion International sponsors are made to work in order to develop the children to become responsible leaders in their churches, school and community.