March 14, 2012


Isaiah 25:1

[Praise to the LORD] LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.
Do you have the mind of an engineer, an economist, an accountant, a head of State, a scientist, a doctor, a lawyer and all the other branches of studies, all in one?  Which field would be the most emphasized?  Would their be peace, when all at once, everything you have stored in your brain, is being called to surface, in an emergency, or thinking about a divine structure, or the opening of a bud, the intricate layers of an onion, and so on and so forth?

That is why, I just sit here in my window seat, soaking in God's grand creation.  Am I not so blessed, all I need to do is enjoy it?

Thank you, dear God, that you still hold everything in  its appointed place, its designed purpose, the laws it is set to follow, and could still listen to my woes.  Even when I stare at the dawning of the day, Your faithfulness, Oh God is manifested.

Word:  Faithfulness


  1. Lolita-
    Yes oh Yes, how Faithful our God is in our lives. This was beautiful and filled with insight that does cause one to stop and give pause, Thanking Him for all that we have, even the tough things in our life.

    I continue to be amazed at your deep faith and the beauty of it.

    Blessings and much love, Martha

  2. My soul just took rest...Thank you, Lolita!

    And I love your signature!!! It's YOU!

  3. Thank you, my dear sisters, my friends in Christ's circle of love.

    Booth of you, make me reach inside myself, to dig deeper into my spirit, where Jesus resides.

    Am amazed at your steadfastness and dedication, honored to have you as friends.

  4. I love your analogies, Lolita! "The intricate layers of an onion" and the digging deeper into your heart to find Jesus... Digging deeper, or peeling layers to find the chore. Very rich :)

  5. Ohhh, I am so honored, Ms. Shticks! (laugh), for the visit. I read a comment there that she wishes she were a Sticks. Isn't it a lovely thought, maybe she got this feeling of being a free-spirit

    Thanks for your comment, you just gave me more analogies to work on. Your lines are but a few, yet makes one ponder so hard. It makes me feel free to roam around my own thoughts. So I could think only my side of the story. What it does to me, what it is teaching me. I believe you are one who likes to evoke those kind of thoughts just by telling a "one-liner" story and painting words in the pictures instead. It definitely amazes me how much emotions are displayed in just two member of your Shticks family. I could see the uniqueness in each one, they really stand out.

  6. Love your prayers, Lolita. Your heart and words are beautiful, and a fragrant incense to the Lord :)

  7. I like that, Pam. A fragrant incense to the Lord. That is my ultimate worship.


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