February 19, 2008


In the picture: the author, left; Ms. Collen Po (PH-900 Program Coordinator) center; and Ms. Maricel Delicano
Caseworker-full-time) right.

The site is Tubod Springs located in Minglanilla, Cebu City, Philippines.

Compassion International Philippines, fondly called as CP by partner projects, conducts seminars, trainings and workshops from time to time to educate partners especially when new developments arise. They are not only times to share knowledge but they are good times to bond together with other local projects' staff. It makes the event more meaningful and fun because we get to be acquainted with each other, share our limitations and celebrate each other's successes.

During this training camp, the staff, especially the caseworkers, group together and exchange ideas of what they have learned to make presentations.

Our own project dates back from the late seventies. The format was them Family Helper Program with which we gave monthly dole-outs to the sponsored kids. We have come a long long way from then into what we are doing now. We are now a result-oriented-program-based child advocacy project supported by CI.

Note: I will be posting some details of our evolution later.

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