February 27, 2012


Be still and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in truth!
~Psalm 46:10~


Alone with God, in quiet peace,
From earthly cares I find release;
New strength I borrow for each day
As there with God, I stop to pray.

Alone with God, my sins confess'd
He speaks in mercy, I am blest.
I know the kiss of pardon free,
I talk to God, He talks to me.

Alone with God no sin between
His lovely face so plainly seen;
My guilt all gone, my heart at rest
With Christ, my Lord, my soul is blest.

Lord, keep my life alone for Thee;
from sin and self, Lord, set me free.
And when no more this earth I trod
They'll say, 'He walked alone with God."

(Author Unknown-I got this from a devotional) 

        I need to walk alone with you, my Lord.  In the early morning hour when the world is still blanketed by the dark, when it is not yet time to rush.  But I also need your help to make this a regular habit.  One that is essential to my being, a requisite to my existence. 

         I must confess to you that this is something I have to master.  I am used to having a time out with God as a midday appointment.  Our office shuts off the lights after having had lunch.  We usually just stay in and take a nap.  I am one who is not used to taking a short nap at midday because I would be too full after having  lunch, so I take this time to read the bible, the devotionals and take a quiet time.  But I so desire to be able to wake up at dawn when the house is quiet and the rush is a few hours away.  Unfortunately, I seldom is able to rise at this hour because I sleep late.  The household chores that needs my attention takes the remaining hours after dinner.  Therefore, if I am to switch into the "morning hour" to have a quiet moment with my Lord, I need a complete body clock change.

        I am claiming this change with my Lord and I need your prayers because I would love to do this.  Today, my Lord woke me up at dawn but I fell asleep again.  It was the exact time that I should arise but my enemy told me that I needed to sleep more, so I failed.  Take note that Jesus was so faithful to wake me.  Was I faithful to myself and my desire to arise early?  Nope.

       To be a good soul-keeper, a regular and specific time to meditate is a must.  I am convicted of this for  a long time now.  Plugging in with God is a must-do prior to the hassles of daily activities.  This way, my mind and heart would be attuned to Him and upon His leading and guidance, which become the order of my day, in everything I'd say and do, and how I would deal with every situation that would come my way.


  1. My dear, Lolita, I wil pray for you for this, as I know how much being in Jesus' Presence before dawn has changed my life.

    Thank you for sharing so openly. You WILL master your flesh! Hallelujah!

  2. Thank you, my friend in Christ. I am most humbled. I will not let the enemy get satisfaction over this. With you, my prayer warrior, praying with me with this, I will be most ashamed if I will submit to bodily weakness.

  3. May the Lord lead you, Lolita! I like the interesting insight into what happens at your work. Is that something common in the Philipines? I am amazed by that. So many times i would have loved to close my eyes at lunch and rest, pray. It wasn't possible. They would say we were not being a good example...

  4. Which one do you mean, Pam? The short rest at lunch-time? Not every office have that privilege but I think most call center companies have sleeping areas too. Maybe we have inherited that habit from the Spanish who love afternoon siestas. It is also a power saving thing. But we leave the airconditioners on, though.


Thanks for your company. I am glad you are here. Your encouraging word is appreciated. It brings joy like a cool breeze on a hot day. GBU!