March 08, 2012

Summer Family Fun

When I went to visit Diane today, she has this beautiful picture of a place in the sun, so perfect to get away from the hassles of everyday life, a routine of home-office-home, all year long.  How beautiful would it be to go to an island like the one I posted here.  It is called Grand Cayman, which is part of the Caribbean Islands.  It looks like a perfect hide-away, where my family could enjoy the sun, the miles of white beaches, the blue sea, the wind and the palms.  There will be times that I could bury my nose in a book, then look out to sea and dream of the golden roads and pearly gates.  Wouldn't it be all fun?

I live in a small island off Cebu Province in central Philippines.  It is called Mactan Island.  We used to go to the beaches which used to be uncultured.  There were no hotels and you did not have anything to pay.  One has just to find a shady spot, enjoy the views, swim, eat your packed meals, enjoy the company of family and friends until sundown.

Nowadays, one has to pay for entrance and the shacks where you find shade and a place to stack your effects.  Some resorts doesn't allow you to bring food from outside or else you are charged corkage dues.

Our family had so much memories growing up along beaches, extended to the time I had my own kids.  At present, we seldom go, but it is still something to look forward to with our grand kids.

Thank you, dear God, for how you have made a haven for us on earth to enjoy and put a very concrete image of your splendor as a Grand Designer.  All those classy resorts and hotels pales in comparison to your Majesty.  How I dream of walking along the beach with you like the famous song. Even your greatness, oh God, I could comprehend, all at how you have created this world, including us, your children, according to your image and likeness.  Help us see your goodness and mercy, Father, just by sitting and looking out the sceneries you provided us. With which also, in the midst of all we have to undergo, in celebration or in sorrow, we can hope in what is to come, far greater than what we can see now. Amen!

  • For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
    Romans 1:19-21 

"All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."   -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


    1. Reading your prayer, coupled with your story, I feel His Presence. Whenever we praise Him, we are whisked away, as if on a mini-vacation.

      Thank you for my five-minute retreat!

    2. Oh, Diane. How sweet and most apt. I always feel in awe of your perception and sincerity.

      Thanks for the phrase, "my five-minute retreat!

      Bless your kind soul!

    3. Lolita-
      I had to do some searching to find your blog but here I am, just as I promised! When I read the blog about how your home land looks, something just moved me inside as I remembered my own personal connection to the Phillipine Islands-through my Dad.

      He served in WWII and never spoke of it-and although I was very curious, I stayed quite and could tell that deep pain lay in his eyes. About two months before he passed, I begged him to let me record him for just an hour as he shared some of his memories. He started talking and told me that War was HELL-nothing like they show on TV and then he shared the story that had impacted him the most. He was in the Infantry and was on the Third Wave of Troops landing-boats were filled with scared young men, not knowing what lay ahead of them. The time came to hit the water and a large box of ammunition needed to go with them. Another young man, total stranger to my Dad offered to
      lift the box and Daddy said "No, you go ahead and I will see you on the beach." My Dad lifted the box, and upon turning around, saw this stranger, floating dead in the water. When he finished this story, he looked at me and asked "Sister, Why did he have to Die? Why did I live instead?" All I could say was the Lord knew what my Dad's life was going to be.

      About two years later, our son won an essay contest and went to Washington D.C with about 400 other kids-they were asked to write an essay as to what the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier meant to them. Our son wrote this story his Grandfather had shared and he won the right to place a wreath at that Tomb.

      These are painful memories and I have no idea as to how your homeland suffered. But the Lord knows and I felt moved to share this with you. Please forgive me if it has upset you. God bless.


    4. So beautiful to live so close to the sea...both you and Diane. I'm glad you have such beautiful memories and that it fills you with pictures of one day walking in person with the Lord. Beautiful, Lolita!

    5. @Martha-
      No, it did not upset me but I am full of reverence to your Dad who had first hand experience during the war. My grandma and mother told us a lot of stories about those frightful times during the Japanese occupation. So many lives were lost then, they pass by mountain passes with scattered bodies around. I was just glad they came out of it alive to tell the tales. My kins are strong people. They didn't let us see or feel that the experience had some rooted pains inside of them.

      I now know also where your son got the literary gift.

      Thanks for sharing this, about you Dad, Martha. I know that those young soldiers who had to endure the pain of that war, seeing all the wasted lives, were such a trauma, they carried all along. It was good that you were able to persuade your Dad to tell about it. It gave a release to the pain he carried.

    6. To Pam, yes, we are privileged to live by the sea even if it no longer is free spot to go. Although there are still places that are uncultured and free, most of the white sands are not.

      Anyway, we had the happy memories of those white sands as kids.


    Thanks for your company. I am glad you are here. Your encouraging word is appreciated. It brings joy like a cool breeze on a hot day. GBU!