April 02, 2012


How I wish I could share the gospel every time the Holy Spirit makes the steerings.  There are times that timidity would attack like and illness.  And yet we are told in 2nd Timothy 1:7:

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline."

I have experienced at one time, when we served in church planting.  We needed to distribute tracts and do evangelistic concerts at the same time.  We would play movies for people to see some testimonies of conversion before the concert starts.

In between and during the concert we would spread out and meet up with people to distribute tracts.  To some who are interested, we would direct them to where we are having fellowships and care groups.

But always, there are those who would not accept, nor lay a finger on the tracts.  It was as though it would bring them bad luck.

Little did they know that we were not bringing religion to them but Jesus Christ himself and the purpose of His death on the cross.   It is not religion that would save but the grace of God through Jesus.  God wants a relationship, a person to person kind of connection, wherein we come in close encounter with Him at the throne of our hearts.

Just today, during lunch break.  I had a conversation with the lady who cooks meals for us in the office.  He also comes to give us manicures and pedicures during lunch breaks.  Our talk veered on what is happening in the world and she was referring to the 2012 prediction.  She was saying that if it ever happens we must be ready.

It came as an opener to me, thanks to the Holy Spirit.  I asked her if it is her desire to go to heaven and stand upon the pearly gates.  She said yes.  And I added, "what would you say to Jesus so that He would let you in?"  She answered that He would ask Jesus to let her enter the gates because she wants to be in the promised place where there are no more pain, struggles and tears.  I told her that God needs a password.  So I began to relate to her about Jesus knocking at the door of her heart waiting to be acknowledged and up to how she will invite Jesus as her savior and Lord.

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I thank God that He has led me to one soul today.  People are always open for Jesus during the Lenten season.  I am going to pray that she would reach to conviction and I'd rather it be unforced. 

If fear and timidity got their way, then I have let Jesus down.  So many times I did hold back, but lies about our handicap comes from the enemy.  He does not like another soul won for Jesus.  Boldness and wisdom should always come from God, through our prayers and being open for instructions.

 A reminder for the Lenten Season:

Isaiah 53:5-6

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.


  1. How wise of you, Lolita, to ask her as you did. I love how you phrased your questions.

    I struggle with ASKING questions like that. I have no problem with sharing my stories of what Jesus has done for me. Just in broaching the subject.

    Your conversation shows me how simple it is.Thank you!

  2. What a beautiful account of a heart willing to serve! I don't think for one second you've let Jesus down, Lolita!

  3. I Amen what Veronica said, Lolita!

  4. Lolita-
    a spirit filled post done by you with full honesty and understanding.

    As Veronica said, "You have not let Jesus down-ever!"

    We all go through our moments of doubt, worrying if we are truly pleasing the Lord and doing as HE wants us to.

    For me-all I can ever pray for is the courage to follow His footsteps, trying to take the right path-the one HE wants for me. Yes I fall off the course all the time, and yet HE lovingly helps me up, and through prayer and hope, I somehow find my way.

    You my dear Lolita-are a shining example we can look to and learn from.

    God bless you dear friend.


  5. Hi Lolita,
    It is such a delight to meet a fellow "kababayan", and living on the island next to mine.

    I love the passage you ended your post with, it is one of my favorites in the Bible.

    Yes, we need to be on the lookout for opportunities to lead one more lost wayfarer to the right path.

    Thank you too for visiting my blog, and also deciding to be a regular reader by following. I really appreciate it when people leave a response...

    I will be back here, I also took a look at your Side B blog, I loved the pictures of Cebu, and your family.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you...


  6. To Diane, V and Martha,

    Thank you for your beautiful and kind words.

    I know God plants us in places He know we will thrive and our testimonies relates to those around us. I had been planted and uprooted many times.... on various kinds of ground.... I believe, if I am not effective in one, God would uproot me and re-plant me on a new ground.

    It would be up to me..... to grow and bear fruits, not only inwardly but my vine should reach out to my neighbors.

    That is why I always feel inadequate once I give in to timidity. I should be a banner for Jesus.

  7. To Lidia-

    How I praise God for letting me meet you. Your words in your blog, finds me in awe some more at our Maker, for there you are speaking His own heart. So profound and insightful, and you exude inner strength born of a close walk with our Lord.

    I promise to be back and read backwards, as I'd be getting alerts for your new ones too.

    God bless you!

  8. I agree with the rest of the girls, you did not let Jesus down. God knows how each person needing to hear about him should be approach. The message should always be the same but the methods we use will vary person to person.

    There is a song my Jason Crabb I post on my fb and its one that needs to be heard istead of just the word read. I Cry is the title...a reminder we are so not prefect, He is and He is pleased with us because of the blood...If you get the time check out the song.

    I want to also say, amen, amen, amen for your willing heart to give out truth...amen, amen, amen.

  9. Thank you Betty for the song you are guiding me to. I will go and check soon. And bless you for the kind words.


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