April 07, 2012


The month of April this year has brought upon me special gifts.  Diane has listed hers a month or so earlier.  I would like to post mine too, in gratitude to the givers, and to reflect on how they made me feel.  I should like to keep some givers to myself for reasons that they may not like to be publicly known.  Suffice it to say that they will know how deeply they touched my heart and it is very difficult not to say a word.  My thanks to you, and my Praise to the giver of heavenly gifts.

James 1:17

New International Version (NIV)
17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

1.  A Crucifix with a keyhole and a key and "The Way" printed at the bottom signifying my salvation.  It is a reminder that I have a key to the gates of heaven.  Through Jesus Christ's Cross and Resurrection, I am saved and is given inheritance in heaven.  Thank you, for this beautiful symbol, my dear thoughtful friend.  I will call it My Easter Cross because it arrived a few days before Easter 2012.  And it is an empty cross-a resurrection cross.  It is precious.

2.  A Willow Tree figurine of an angel by Susan Lordi.  Her name is "Thinking of You (keeping you close in my thoughts)."  This is so special because it symbolizes what words could not find enough expression.  Look at the way the angel is holding something close to her ear.  She is listening to the ocean sound in a seashell.  Perhaps, seeking to hear the ocean's roar to where I exist and let the distance melt, to keep us closer.  Thanks to the giver for my name is forever engraved in the tablet of her heart.  She constantly think of me-she calls me her divine appointment.  She is an angel to me and to many. The angel now occupies a spot in my heart and on my bedside table.  So that it would greet my mornings and send me off to rest-land at night.

3.  The little book by Joan Walsh Anglund entitled A Friend is Someone Who Likes You, needless to say a friend is someone who loves you.  Thank you, my dear friend, for the token speaks a thousand word.  Seeing your pen on the first page brought the miles and oceans separating us closer even more..... to my very heart.  You are an angel of a friend, whose words are a whole wealth of God's heart poured out to heal the brokenness of your readers.  I know I can find you in each page of the book.... whether as a brook, where in silence I could sit, just dipping my feet upon your coolness...  you could be a boy or a girl or even a cat.

4.  Another cute book by Fynn (short for Sydney Hopkins) and Anna Fynn, a story of friendship entitled, Mr. God, This Is Anna.  A book review says:


Anna was only four years old when Fynn found her on London's fog-shrouded docks. He took her back to his mother's home, and from that first moment, their times together were filled with delight and discovery. Anna had an astonishing ability to ask--and to answer--life's largest questions. Her total openness and honesty amazed all who knew her. She seemed to understand with uncanny certainty the purpose of being, the essence of feeling, the beauty of love. You see, Anna had a very special friendship with Mister God. . .
I am positive, I will gain wisdom from the simplicity of Anna's existence.  My gratitude to the giver, not only for the token, but for the friendship that bind us together across the miles, to our ends of the globe.

5.  I was wishing for this thin-line series Bible because it would be lighter to carry wherever I go plus it is very pretty and durable.  I got one from my brother who is now home with my Mama, to attend the graduation of our niece.  Of course, I sent him the website, hoping he would find it in his heart to get me one.  And he sure did.  It also came with a 365 days Early Morning Devotionals.  Am I not so blessed?  Yes I am.....and so deliriously joyful.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, my brother.

6.  April 3, 2012 marks the day my Mama turned  81.  We celebrated her birthday in my sister's home with home-cooked dishes.  Come to think of it, it was like Mama's 18th birthday, 81 jumbled around.  Mama is God's gift to us, her children.  They asked me to lead us in prayer over our meal and I gladly did with thanksgiving over her new year ahead plus a blessing of good health and more years to spend with my brother in the US and home-comings each year.  I also asked God to bless my brother abundantly because he has helped my nieces and nephews to college.  Two of them are in London and now helping their own family.  Another is graduating, come April 11, 2012, from Nursing School..... the reason they have come home earlier.

7.  A handed down TV set.  This was given by my sister which replaced my old battered one, which no longer give clear pictures of channels I love.  It sure needs a replacement badly.  She got a new one, therefore it was practical to pass on the old one to her sister.  I was overjoyed with the gift because a clearer viewing of programs over my favorite  channels is now provided.  Thanks a million, sis.

8.  My COF-circle of friends, blogging from across the States and to the Orient Seas, sharing our hearts and our minds over the WEB.  We have started coming together early this year and we connected and bonded to form our COF.  We are centering on God's word, sharing and encouraging each other with our journey.  I am so blessed to know all of the members, gaining a lot of wisdom and insights from their messages and stories, and arts included.

9.  Lastly but not least, Lolita Shticks, a Shticks' stick figure of myself, created by Ms. Veronica Shticks Anderson.  I have earlier blogged on these two images she did for me.  One picture was of my American Autumn dream and another with my Red Umbrella.  She is such a wonderfully gifted lady who has opened her blog site rendering daily-life humor featuring her own family.

I am counting my blessings, naming them one by one.....I shall treasure, and I declare the goodness of God, for all the time God is good!


  1. Oh, Lolita! I love your heart.

    A heart of gratitude it is!

    Thank you for sharing your gratefulness for the gifts you have received. You brought us there to your beautiful Island with you to share in your joy and abundance. God has been good to you.

    Thank you for the photo of your Mom. She is precious! God bless her and your time together as family.

    I wish I were there with you all, but I am in spirit. A blessed Easter to you!

  2. Yes, D. Thank you that you are always with me, in spirit, through my joys and my sorrows.

    You are precious, likewise, to me and to the COF.

    A blessed Easter to you too!

  3. Lolita-
    Oh my goodness-I can't even begin to list ALL the blessings I have received in my heart since meeting you through blogging and especially through this cherished group of women, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS..

    I think you are beautiful, humble, filled with such deep love for God and others. Your heart just seems to GLOW with love and compassion.

    I am blessed to know you and please know I beam each time as I read your words.

    WOW. You are Special..

    love, martha (that ole texas gal)

  4. Martha-I love your tag-line, I could just hear your Texan drawl....

    BTW, do middle Texans drawl too? And does the hotdog Texan really originate from Texas? I love to eat those-we have our version here too.

    Thank you so much for your words of praise, Martha. It means so much to me that I am coming across illegibly. Sometimes I am worried I am like a gong-a sound that has no meaning at all.

    I thank God, because I know He is the source of enlightenment. We don't know what anyone's message would mean to different hearts and minds.

    Thank you, Martha... because I could give to God the glory that He so owns.

    My blessings for Easter to you with my love.

  5. Aww! This is beautiful, Lolita! I can almost hear your voice narrating this post--even though I've never heard you! Your voice in my head sounds soft and like you're reading a poem! What an endearing account of precious, precious gifts! I'm so privileged to be part of this list! Your friendship is one of my gifts!

  6. Your words are always so beautifully expressed Lolita, it's hard to think that you would doubt it. And above all your heart shines through. I love all the details you gave in your love of all these gifts... and in the way you speak of your mom and her 18th birthday :) Blessed Resurrection day to you... even now as you are already in that celebration ahead of us...

  7. Lolita-
    I don't know if Texas created the TEXAN DOG--but my dear, i do have a definite TEXAS sound to my voice. Oh I could call it southern-but its Texas to the core.

    Its just pure joy for me to know and love you Lolita-you are a delight and bring a beautiful SPIRIT always in your writings.

    You know- I think all Bells have their own unique "Gong" sound!!!

    Your "Gong" is like a beautiful orchestra!!!

    Blessings dear. Martha

  8. Martha-

    You make my eyes mist-I love that, my "Gong" is like a beautiful orchestra. Thank you.... so lovingly said. And your Texan drawl, I can just imagine it so endearingly. I could picture you and your Dad on a horse.

  9. V-

    I am grateful that you consider my friendship as one of your gifts.

  10. V-

    I am grateful that you consider my friendship as one of your gifts.

  11. Pam, oh my sweet, Pam. You of the beautiful phrases, expressing every single thing so lovingly and so eloquently..... I am so honored that you say mine words are beautiful. Thank you, Dear.

  12. May your Resurrection celebration be filled with absolute joy. May nothing hinder your joy this day! I love you, Lolita!

  13. nice post thanks for sharing...looking for to visit more...blessings

  14. Thank you, Soraya.

    For the visit and the comment. Glad to know you from the Netherlands.

    Hope to see you again soon.

    God bless you.


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