May 22, 2012


Last night I looked for this book because it suddenly came to mind.  It was gathering dust in the shelf.  I practically forgot about it.  It was given by our church during one of our Intersect Programs which solicited books from the US to fill an adopted school's Library.  The team from the US has previously pimped the said Library with new paintwork and new book shelves.  Now it was ready to be filled up with the multitude of books that came in boxes from the US.  They came in all areas of studies including an array of Children's books and Bibles.

Before the books were to fill up the pretty shelves, we needed to cover them in plastic to make them last.  This was where all
of the volunteers' hands and time came to good use.  Can you imagine the big boxes needed to be done all in an afternoon after Sunday service?  But happy hands were willing hands and the time just passed by and we covered every single book.  The excitement of seeing all those gems in the School Library have overridden the task.

Before sundown we had the surprise when we were made to line-up and pick our own two books to bring home.  There was a lone box left to give out to the volunteers.  Of course, I made do with what was left after every one else had picked their own.

Nobody picked this hard-bound thin book which did not look attractive at all.  There was no fancy cover.  It was only in plain red card paper with a cream spine.  There wasn't even a title on the outside.  If you wouldn't care to browse inside it, you will never know what lies within.  So the tired overused cliche, "Don't judge a book by its cover" so aptly came alive in this particular book.

"Didn't someone come in such a packaging?  Rejected by the very tribe He came from and for."

Being a fan of underdogs and having a heart that lets all the others pick first, and be happy to find treasures from the left overs, this became my own adopted one.  A treasure indeed.  The other book was a Psychology Workbook.  It has long since been given to a friend's daughter who was about to graduate in the College of Psychology.

So, what you are looking at in the picture is the inside Title Page.  The book is by Michael Podesta.  If you know him you would know that he is a gifted calligraphy artist.  Please note the description below in his newer book ad.

"Michael Podesta is a local calligraphy artist who shares his love of God's word and his love of design through his artwork!"
                                                                                                      -LINK to this-

I am going to let you see one of the art page in this humble and unpretentious book with his own reflections in it.  Such a treasure!

Behind The Art - Alleluia: 

The Hebrew word hallel means “praise”, and Yah or Jah is shorthand for “Jehovah,” the Lord. So, “Alleluia” is derived from “Praise the Lord”. In the book of Revelation, a heavenly multitude shouts, “Alleluia! For the Lord God Omnipotent reigns! Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory.” We use the word as an exclamation of praise, joy, thanks. Hearing its overwhelming repetition in the choruses of Handel’s Messiah is probably one of the reasons I see it that way, too.

Original Signature of Michael Podesta

There it is, 84 pages of Words of Praise which Michael Podesta has collected in one beautiful book.  You will actually hear and see those familiar words of praise in the Scripture, as if for the first time.

If you will allow me, as the bidding comes, I will share more pages in the days to come.

For now, let us say in unison..... as in the heavenly multitude shouts in the book of Revelation...... Unending  ALLELUIA to our Omnipotent Lord God, who reigns forevermore!

How I praise Him, for making it known to me today, that I am the owner of a priceless possession-a treasurer of a book.

And on top of this, I have an inheritance which the thieves could not steal and the moths could not destroy.    Alleluia!




....And I want to link this post to one of Diane's at An Encouraging Word, which features the same Praise Word...... Hallelujah!.  This time by another calligraphy artist, expressing his own Praises with his calligraphy.


  1. Lolita,

    The joy of getting new books on shelves and for people to use. Where is Lebanon Elementary school located?

    Thank you for counting God's gifts with me this week. Yes, the "faithfulness of the sunshine, and our breath, and armed with his wisdom." Amen :)

    How wonderful that you are Filipino from the Philippines! I love getting to know people from around the world. I used to live in Africa and France. Are you still living in the Philippines? I have some friends who used to live there.

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Yes, Jen. I am still here in the Philippines. I live in the central part of the archipelago... called Cebu, an island province.

    Labangon Elementary School is in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines.

    Thanks for taking time again to visit me..

    My mother lives in NY with my brother who is a nurse in one of the hospitals in Queens.

    I wish one day, I can come visit them but that is too far in the future yet. Travel costs so much and our little peso would not let us under normal circumstances..... only in God's divine appointments.
    Ha ha ha.... American dream!

  3. Jen-

    A link to google map of our island city and province.,+Central+Visayas,+Philippines&aq=0&oq=Cebu+City+&vps=1&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=38.092988,55.195312&vpsrc=1&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Cebu+City,+Cebu,+Central+Visayas,+Philippines

  4. All I have in mind as I was reading your post was even the Lord was like that...Isaiah described the Messiah as having no beauty nor majesty to attract men to Him (Isa.53). He was rejected yet...He was the One Who saved us all!

    The book may be plain and simple but sometimes, it is those simple things that truly give the greatest treasures and joy! I'm glad you ended up having it.

    "Hallelujah!" He deserves all our praises and thanks. That's nice you guys have all those resources to fill the shelves. But what made it special was the work you all had to do together! God bless.

  5. Lolita-
    What a treasure you have shared with us all! The book was "meant" to be yours!! God knew you would "share" this with the world, so we could gain a deep appreciation of it, and also to see photos of the Library-what a gift you have given to all.

    There is a saying from the Bible and I pray the words come out correct "The Last shall be First and the First shall be Last!"

    God knows your heart, being one who would stand back and wait-not minding which book came your way. HE left the BOOK for YOU.

    God bless you Lolita!!


  6. Martha, you took the words right out of my mouth! So, I won't even try to put my own spin on your words.

    Lolita, I ditto everything Martha said. You, dear one, are a treasure!

    I send you my hugs. I've missed you all so much!

  7. @Rosel-

    What lovely words you said. Thank you, and yes, it is analogous to Jesus becoming flesh in the mostly lowly place, that Jews up to now could not believe such a Kingship should be in all earthly trappings should be.

    Yes to us, His glory in is in His crowns.... us, His bride and body. He bought us at such a cost.

    thank you for referring this to Jesus.

  8. @ Martha-

    Yes, dear. It was a divine appointment of a book.

    Thank you, it is a treasure.... as you my friends are. You are adding jewels to my crown.

    Love you.

  9. Diane,

    Oh how I missed you too, yet happy for your new accomplishment.

    I am hungry for the food you are gonna cater to us.... from the Scriptures.... food for the soul.

    Hugs and love you.

  10. Wow... I LOVE the way he expressed Alleluia. You have to look closely to see it, and then when you do, it is dancing all around the circle! Beautiful.

    I love how God brings us little treasures like this book to you...and when we least expect. Once we had a used book sale at work and one of my fellow workers bought one for a dollar. It was a leather bound, small edition of poetry. She surprised me with it, saying it reminded her of me and she wanted to give it to me. I love books like that and was totally amazed. We didn't even really know each other, she had no way of knowing that. It was just a whisper to her heart, I'm sure... :)

    Yes, do share more of his word art, Lolita!

  11. Yes, Pam. I will too, share more because I could, for myself, see things about them, that I love to show all of you.....

    So much wonder and beauty.... mixing his art with the word of God.


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