June 01, 2012


I want to link this post to Laura's blog over at The Wellspring.  She has a very beautiful post entitled,

Playdates With God: The Flower Remembers.


 She wrote this beautiful line about the flower,


"She holds her secrets in closed up petals—clasped tight like prayers. Until the appointed time. And then she opens to great applause."


Her analogies of the time spent conversing with God in her garden is just absolutely awesome.


Are we tending our gardens lately?  Pulling out weeds so that the soil will be soft and good for growing in the knowledge of our God?  Are the flowers blooming and dying without us noticing because we are entangled with the weeds of other busy-ness occupations?  Does God need a megaphone to make us hear Him calling us?

No He is always calling me in His soft gentle voice.  He waits for me at the garden.  He loves to converse with me, as He did with Adam.


Go to Laura's garden and catch a glimpse of Eden with her.  I don't like to quote here, all the beautiful words she wrote in this post.


Listen to the whispers of the flowers....... they have messages for us about our Creator, at their spring,  fall, winter or summer time.





Please find Emeralds in the whispers of the flowers at Writing.....Apples of Gold.  They sparkle and shine and proclaim the beauty of our Creator.








  1. Thanks, Lolita... I'll go check it out. I usually read her blog but haven't been lately. Have you had a chance to go to Redemptions Beauty yet? Such a beautiful blog too...

  2. Thanks, Pam. I will. I am confident with all you recommend to me. I will find Emeralds there too.

  3. Oh, Lolita... what a beautiful post this is. I am a gardener at heart and I loved your words.

    I will surely visit the blog you recommended. But you are indeed a beautiful flower, a humble one, in God's garden.


  4. Tried visiting but won't connect...That was beautiful with the written words shared with us. A beautiful reflection of what the nail-scarred Hands of the Master Gardener produce...May our roots go down even deeper in His ground of love. Blessings.

  5. Lolita-
    I too am having trouble connecting to the site but I know it must be a beautiful posting-and so wonderful of you to share it with us.

    These computers can be stubborn as we keep learning and I am not ashamed to admit I am right there at the top!!

    Love you Lolita. Martha

  6. @Lidia,

    I know you are a gardener too. I can gather it from your posts... and I do believe it is a character we inherited from our Creator. He planted the first garden.

    He also wants us to grow those flowers in the soil of our heart to grow love..... and it is in this garden where we can be still and talk to Him.

    We need to root deep down and bear fruits..... and share with other plants where we are.

  7. @Rosel-

    Amen to that, dear friend. Thanks for the breathe-out prayer. May we grow from the deeply rooted faith, and may we cleave unto the Vine.

  8. @Martha,

    Most of those blogs which are loading very slowly are perhaps due to the differences in the hosting we are using like blogger and wordpress etc.

    Maybe you could go some other time when the connections are clear.

    Thanks for taking time.

  9. Guys, when you get the time, please go to the link.

    I have fixed it.... sorry for the misplaced link.

  10. Thank you, Lolita... your words are a blessing!

  11. This is so lovely, Lolita. Thank you.


Thanks for your company. I am glad you are here. Your encouraging word is appreciated. It brings joy like a cool breeze on a hot day. GBU!