February 10, 2013



It is with great pleasure that I put fingers to keys to write here this morning.  For one, I have been hungering of baring my soul to blog, mostly for my own benefit for healing and for growing.  Another is to thank God for giving me the means to get hold of the net after being cut-off for a while.

The first place I go to, after checking on my mails and my friends' blogs, is the FMF.  I love the prompts given by Ms. Lisa-Jo every Friday because it stimulates my creativity and penning my thoughts and inner talks is a healing tool.

So here I come to bare for the prompt is "bare."

How else could one write thoughts and intentions without baring the soul?  Of course for self-healing, one has to be true to the pen.  And writing the truth in yourself requires courage.

I give thanks to God and to those who share their lives in the open for others to learn.  

For me, to bare is to share, and to share is to care.  So I urge my dear fellow-bloggers and journal-ers, please blog away or journal to your hearts' content.

Isn't writing like worship?  We go to the altar of God bare and transparent, humbly seeking Him in prayer and praise.  We come to bare our souls before our Maker and we write our souls in our blogs in the same manner, true and bare.  


I am writing for the prompt of the week FMF-Friday 02.08.2013-BARE.  The idea is write as candidly as you can for 5 minutes without over checking on spelling and grammar.  Then visit fellow-posts to encourage.

Click on the button and join FMF and find out too what others are saying about "bare." Go, what are you waiting for?

Five Minute Friday


  1. So true sis Lolita! Thst is why I blog too. To share my innerst thoughtst and can glorify God in some way.
    I write my prayers and devotions too in notebooks. Feel more closer to God that way. Feels like love letter to God.
    Bless your heart sister:)

    1. Thank you, Joy. Yes, we are living manifest of what God is doing in our life and somehow we may be the salt in our little corner.

  2. Lolita
    How you make our hearts SOAR as we see your Name--smiling with immense joy as we know you are back on the computer, typing away as God smiles, knowing how delighted HE is!! Never stop writing Lolita-please know you are treasured!!

    Your absence from the blogging community has opened many eyes as we learn the simple act of reaching for that BUTTON we push to bring our computer to life. You my dear Lolita-nothing can deter you from sharing HIS love!!


    (((((((cof hugs and love))))))


    1. Thank you, Martha dear. Know that I am most inspired by you, my courageous pain-fighter. You make us take our own leap of faith every time you post to make a daily joy-finding above the struggles you take.

      You are much appreciated here.

  3. Wonderful to see you posting here, Lolita! Are you able to get connected more easily now? I pray so! Blessings on all you write, always!

    1. I have gotten back my office connection. What would keep me most from writing now is having lots of things to do.

      I will have more time as soon as our Financial Reporting season for the year ending 2012 is over. By them I could post more regularly.

    2. Wonderful, Lolita! God has answered our prayers... :)

  4. Lolita! It's great to have your writing again. :)

    Regarding your comment on my post "The Radical Choices after 'I Do'"...
    I'm so glad someone else wrestles with this too :)

    Thanks for your honesty. Sorry for my delay in replying.

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Yes, Jen. This is an answered prayer. Our office had cut-off our (the staff) internet connection since October. The children are manning the management positions now and are so strict.

      Since I needed to submit reports to the government online, they have no choice but to restore mine.

      So I made a resolve with myself not to abuse the privilege and would only post personal blogs when work permits. That is better than none at all. I may now blog every once in a while and make time to follow my favorites like your blog.

      I always hunger for the wisdom coming from your walk with Him.

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