March 29, 2012

Puppy Eyes

Isn't she cute?  Look at the picture closely.  I know she is a she because the owner made her wear a pair of rosy spectacles.

A friend pasted this in my comment box at  I was tempted to post it here because I want my "circle of sharing-love friends," which from here onwards I would just nickname "My Circle.," for all the wondrous things attached to it by all our members, (ohhh.... a long sentence in the making), see how I would look every morning when I open my PC.

News-bit:  Lolita is now punching time-ins at 45 minutes ahead of office time in the morning.  She is on her way to get a medal to be "Model Employee" come December 2012 (if God lets her) for punctuality.  Her boss no longer complains at her punch card wearing lipstick-(red for late punch-in).  Once her boss told her, "Lolit, look at your card, you are so punctual in running home at 5:00 pm.  Only your time-outs are black."  She then vowed she would do better..... all to no avail.  Then came, Di, Vi, Pam, Betty and Martha.  The boss is all smiles now..... very easy, without pushing her.... she comes ahead of everyone, except for the cleaner. Huhummmm..... what made the change?  Is she afraid of her boss?  Nah!

Our secret, she is coming ahead of time before others because she likes to grab her PC by herself, office quiet, no people asking for signatures for Gas POs...... asking for cookies from her cyber friends.

Could you afford not to give her her fill for the day? 

"Where is my Purina, D, V, B, P and M?  I want it now, please,"  she begs, with those puppy eyes, so pitifully cute.

Yes, I too have a large appetite but with an equally large tummy.  I come begging over and over again.

Truly, I love partaking of "My Cicrle's" dose of faith, hope, inspiration, humor, arts, talents........ rolled into one.


Thank you, guys, for making my soul and my heart fatter everyday.  I am growing, so I see.

 Sometimes I need milk for easy digestion.


  1. Thank you, V. Even if you got lots to do, what with your field trips and taking charge of Claire and Paige.... you still take a peep on us.

    Hope you are having so much fun watching the real things for science.


  2. Ditto what Veronica wrote: Precious!

    I love you, Lolita. Thank you for coming in early just to catch up with us all.

    I truly don't know why I missed so many posts. I'm not neglecting you. Please forgive me.

  3. Diane,

    Please, dear D, don't apologize. I would always understand if it takes a while for you to read my posts. I know the weekend has its fair share of errands and things to do at church.

    I was just posting away, for I am not a good journal writer..... I'd rather type them than write. This PC thing has made me loose my own pen. It is easier, you know. When you mistype you just go backspace.

    Do you remember having lots of time because I was able to finish my IRS requirements ahead of deadline? So I took advantage of Saturday lull in the office.

    Thank you, Di, for always thinking of me too.


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