March 20, 2012


This is Lolita Shticks, in her American dream of personally witnessing the colors of autumn.  ( Pssst.... it is still a dream until now.)  This would be my delight, upon seeing for real, those leaves turning to all kinds of colors, and watching them take their eventful flight down to the ground.  Isn't God the author of Arts?

For photo credit, with gratitude, and for the stick figure of me, thanks to  Thesticks.  The stick figure is an original design by Ms. Veronica Shticks Anderson.  She's got the liveliest, most creative analogies of life in her stick figures, featuring her own family circle, and with great honor, myself in a cameo role (laugh).

Indeed, this is a dream-come-true for me.   This is my first autumn picture.  I was hoping I could stay for winter.  But I was recalled to the office.  Perhaps, I will come back next year in time for the snow.  See you then!



  1. I was going to just check my email, write you a quick one and go to bed but I was surprised by this wonderful post! Aww, this is so beautiful! And what an endearing text! My new daughter, Lolita Shticks! Hehe!

  2. Thank you, Veronica. I did not wait for your instructions because I could not wait any longer. My excitement is building up inside me. I needed to release it in my page.

    I hope the credits for the picture we used is in order. I placed it in the description.

    I love it so much.

  3. AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    Oh, the joy of Lolita Shticks amongst the falling leaves....

    I'm so excited....I almost jumped from my chair!

    She is so precious. I hope you can truly "feel" the dellight of autumn!

    I'm so happy for you. I could hug you and Victoria!!!

    Great Job, Victoria!!!!

  4. Lolita, I set my lightouse Shtick as my desktop. She causes me to smile every time I look at my desktop. Maybe your American Dream can be yours.

    Can I borrow yours to put on my desktop as well? I wil interchange them. Every time I see your joyous face, it will remind me to pray for you.

  5. Lolita, I'm so sorry! I just realized I wrote the instructions but never sent them--they're sitting in my drafts. I must have had to get up for something, took too long, forgot and thought I emailed them to you. It's been crazy over here. I'm so glad you went ahead and posted it anyway--and you credited correctly! Thank you, dear!
    Diane, Lolita, group hug! Hehe
    You guys are so awesome!

  6. Growing up in a place of palm trees and sunshine, I longed to see the colors of Autumn firsthand...and really never thought I would. I even did a school report once on a state where autumn glows...sending away for autumn brochures etc. Now I know God put that dream in my heart because he brought it to fulfillment when he led me here... I know someday He will bless you with this dream too, Lolita :) somehow, in some way...

  7. Veronica, I apologize to you sincerely. I wrote "Victoia" instread of Veronica! I have a friend whose name is Veronica - you'd think I'd have no problem with your name. I'm truly sorry!

    And I receive that group hug!

  8. Diane, yes you did and you made me smile! I love it--don't worry about it please! Maybe it's God giving you a password to my heart! Hehhehe. I love it!

  9. Yes, you have my go-signal. Ha ha ha. It is my wallpaper now, for as long as I'm not tired of it. And I can tell, that would be forever.

    Thanks, D. I got my American dream-come-true, via the Shticks. Thanks to Veronica.

  10. Yes, Veronica. I love the group hug. I am so loved. I really appreciate you and Diane. It makes me cry.

  11. To Pam,

    Yes, Pam. I will await for that day, when HE will let me step on American soil... no matter how long it would take. Thanks for your wishes, Pam.

    I know you will also be able to see far-off England, you are a British by heart because of your readings, your favorite authors.

  12. Diane, I'd like to change Victoria's Secret to Veronica's Secret. That would be swell, he he he.

  13. YES,LOLITA!!!


    Love your sense of humor too! It's amazing = you make my cry and laugh all in one post.


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